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Should you move to Texas?

Should you move to Texas?



Moving home is a big decision, but if the place you currently live doesn’t feel quite right for you, then it’s much better to uproot than stay somewhere you’re not happy. If you’ve been considering Texas as an option, then you’re in luck, because this blog is full of information that will help you to make a better decision. Whether you’ve been to Texas before or this will be your first time, here are all the reasons that it’s a good idea to call this state home.


Affordable homes

Some states in America are known for being expensive, but not Texas. Texas homes are very affordable and you can get a lot more for your money than in some other parts of the country. It’s easy to find a new house in Houston, TX, or even an apartment if you don’t need that much space. Alternatively, you could consider looking for homes that are in more rural areas, especially if you’re thinking of settling down there in the future.


No state income tax

If affordable housing wasn’t a big enough win for your finances, then you’ll also be able to make the most of your income through the lack of state income tax in Texas. Not only is Texas largely tax-free, but it has a low cost of living, even if you choose to buy a home in a bustling city. However, you need to note that you will have to pay both property and sale taxes.


Incredible nature

Texas is home to some incredible natural wonders, so if you like to escape urban life and go on a hike, you’ll have plenty of choices in this state. You can choose between caves, canyons, mountains, forests, and incredible beaches. There really is nothing that Texas doesn’t have and each of these natural wonders is only a short drive away. If you do decide to move, you really can’t miss Gorman Falls and Hamilton Pool, so make sure you stop by there as soon as you can.


Widespread sports culture

Sports are popular with Texans, meaning you can often find a sports game to attend or a group of people in a bar who are celebrating their team’s win. Some of the best teams that you could choose to support include the Texas Rangers, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, and the San Antonio Spurs. You’ll find no shortage of stadiums and if you’re feeling really adventurous you could even attend a rodeo.


Delicious cuisine

Texas is known for its hearty food, which isn’t necessarily healthy but makes for an indulgent treat. If you enjoy a good slab of beef or can’t get enough of barbecues, then you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and eateries. Don’t forget to try the famous TexMex cuisine that countless other states have tried to replicate.


The best way to decide if Texas is right for you is to pay the state a visit. Book a vacation and have a look around for yourself.


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