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Valentine’s Day Candy Banner – Super Simple DIY

Valentine's Day Candy Banner

Valentine's Day Candy Banner

This sweet and simple Valentine’s Day candy banner is the perfect home décor piece for the holiday season. Made from just a handful of supplies, this candy banner can dress up any mantel, desk, or entry way in just a few easy steps. If you are looking to add a little Valentine’s Day flare to your home or office, give this simple DIY project a try. We hope that you love this Valentine's Day Candy Banner. Now let’s get crafting!

Valentine's Day Candy Banner


  • Valentine’s Day themed scrapbook paper
  • Themed ribbon
  • Mini clothespins
  • Conversation candy hearts
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • Scissors (scalloped or regular)

TIP: We were able to find everything we needed at our local craft store. If you already have scissors and glue on hand, your total cost for this project is around $5. 


1. Begin by snipping out 5-7 (or more if you want your banner longer) triangles from your scrapbook paper. We chose a simple heart and striped theme paper in an assortment of pinks and reds.

TIP: As you can see we used scalloped scissors for our sample project, but if you don’t have any just get fancy with your regular scissors.

2. Apply a dab of glue to the back of your conversation hearts. Press the hearts to the clothespins. You want to attach them not to the portion that you pinch, but the mouth of the pin. Set aside to dry.

3. Cut a length of ribbon (we used a simple sweetheart pattern ribbon) and lay it flat on a table or floor for easy access.

4. Once your clothespins are dry, use them to clip the triangles to the ribbon. You want to hang the triangles like pennants, so they are pointing down.

5. Now all you need to do is decide where this beauty will hang.  Hang your Valentine’s Day candy banner anywhere you need a little pop of color and charm. It is sure to do the trick!

We hope that you are inspired by this Valentine's Day Candy Banner. Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. This is so cute! I want to make one to hang over my desk.

  2. This is really cute! I Think my 10 year old little sister would have lots of fun making this with me and then decorating her room with it! 🙂

  3. That’s very cue, and simple enough to make. I’m not sure where to get mini clothespins, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any.

  4. Love this idea! It is cute and I have most of the supplies already. We are going to add this to our list of Valentine’s Day crafts!

  5. This is great for little ones to make AND to enjoy! It’s hard finding original ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts, and these are so cute!

  6. This is such a fun and original idea. I love it and will add it to my list of Valentine’s Day crafts to do.

  7. What a very cute idea for Valentine’s day. My daughter would love something like this in her room.

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