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Universal’s Islands of Adventure Review

If you are looking for a little fun for the whole family, you should definitely consider a visit to Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida which is part of the Universal Studios family. If your family likes to experience the thrill of adventure,  you'll find them here along with cutting edge rides, comic book heroes and shows with interactive attractions.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, a 3D ride will have you soaring through the skies by a special IMAX screen. You'll experience special effects with water as well as flames. You'll scale skysrapers and plummet below in a simulated 400 foot free fall. With thirteen large screens and your 3D glasses, you'll experience an exciting ride with an adventure that will leave you breathless.

Doctor Doom's Fearfall ride is a double free-fall drop and is currently the tallest ride at Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Strapped into the vehicle with shoulder bars mounted against two towers, you will be blasted into the air not once, but twice. You will be traveling faster than the space shuttle and the ride will exit into an arcade.

The Jurassic Park River Adventure gives you a river ride as if you were in the movie Jurassic Park. You'll head up a tall hill and suddenly splash down into the river. You'll travel through lagoons, trees and rocks where you're greeted by an Utrasaurs coming up out of the water. Approached by prehistoric animals you will love this water raft adventure. You'll never know just what is going to be around the next bend, make sure it's not you for lunch!

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center is an interactive activity center. You will be entertained and educated at the same time here. Visit the nursery to view dinaosaur eggs, possibly a dinosaur being hatched while you are there. Test your DNA to find out what type of dinosaur you would have been. See the fossil remains of T-Rex. Such an adventure for the eyes to behold.

The Pteranodon Flyers will entertain kids in a not as fast paced ride underneath the wings of a Pteranodon. This hanging coaster is located in Camp Jurassic Park, it swings from side to side as your flight changes directions.

The Storm Force Accelatron is based on the X-Men comic character. You will find yourself in this indoor ride whirling around trying to help X-Men defeat Magneto. There is no height restrictions to this ride so everyone can enjoy.

Poseidon's Fury is an undersea adventure traveling through the ruins of the ancient temple. You'll find yourself in the midst of a battle with explosions, fireballs and water eruptions all around you. Deep beneath the earth, will you ever make it back to the top?

Take time to eat at Mythos Restaurant where you will be surrounded by rocks and cascading waterfalls all while enjoying some of the best food in the park. You can sit inside to enjoy your meal or outside while you eat and enjoy the park view.

“Lying offshore a craggy grotto on The Lost Continent®, the cavernous interior of the restaurant looks as if it’s been carved from the rock by the very gods whose images are etched into the walls. In addition to the dining room there is also outdoor seating offering a spectacular view of the park’s inland sea and vistas of the park’s colorful islands.

The food itself far exceeds the fare normally enjoyed by mere mortals… let alone theme park visitors. Enjoy such dishes as blueberry and pistachio crusted grilled pork, cedar planked Bay of Fundy salmon, gourmet hamburgers and imported pasta. Mouth-watering desserts and a full wine list are available. There is also a separate children’s menu.”

This was a great trip and definitely worth a return visit. We have already made plans to go back this Summer.


DISCLOSURE: As a part of the Team Mom #OrlandoMom group, my travel expenses, hotel, attraction tickets, and meals are being covered by the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau. All information shared about our trip is solely my own opinion as well as that of my son.

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  1. Sandy VanHoey

    My grandson just went about 3 weeks ago and had SO much fun. He loved the Jurassic Park River adventure Ride and the Jurassic Park flying ride and has talked so much about it.

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