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iRobot Roomba

iRobot RoombaThe iRobot Roomba is an innovative vacuuming robot that has been around since 2003. It is designed to clean floors without assistance. It is cordless, comes with a charger and two virtual “walls” which keep it from falling down stairs. It can even be preset to clean when you want it to clean.


– iRobot Roomba vacuum
– Rechargeable battery
– Battery charger
– Self-charging base
– 2 virtual walls
– 1 extra filter
– 3 brushes for cleaning
– 2 brush cleaning tools
– Remote control
– Instructional DVD and 1 year limited warranty

It has special brushes on the sides that are effective at getting dirt out of corners. It has sensors which can detect a particularly grimy area on a carpet or rug. On extra dirty spots, the iRobot Roomba stays a little longer to allow more dirt to be removed from that spot. Another great feature of the latest models, the Roomba 770 and 780, is that they now have a sealed gearbox. The older models' unsealed gear boxes would sometimes collect hair and dirt during the course of vacuuming that would render the machine useless. The sealed gearbox of these newer models eliminates that problem, also making the machine much easier to clean than before.

The iRobot Roomba 770 and 780 also have larger dirt capacities than the older models. This means that more cleaning time can be allowed before emptying. It also adjusts itself when changing from carpet to hard floors and can even go across tasseled rugs without getting tangled. This robotic vacuum even comes with several cleaning brushes and devices to keep brushes clean. When the battery is getting low, the Roomba will go over to its own charger to recharge.


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