Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care

Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care

Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent CareThis Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care post is sponsored by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care

Raising kids is no easy feat. Add to that the busyness of everyday life with three kids in school, various activities, Scouts and our travel schedule (we are road trip junkies), I have to have processes in place for when things go wrong. While I don’t actively plan for something to go wrong, I do realize that this kind of thing happens.

When one of my children gets sick, I not only turn into a mama bear trying to do everything that I can to make my kid comfortable, I also become Dr. Google which can be incredibly scary for any parent. Have you ever tried to Google what was wrong with your child? Honestly, just don’t. You’ll thank me later!

It always seems that the most pressing matters of illness or injuries happen on the weekends or after our pediatrician’s office is closed. When my children are sick, now we just head straight to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Center where the experts who treat children every single day are better equipped to make my child feel better.

That picture above is me with my middle child, Annabella. This kid is never sick and when she says that she doesn’t feel well, I know that something is truly wrong with her. When that happens and the pediatrician isn’t open, I need someone I trust.

Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent CareChildren’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care

We trust Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because they have been taking care of my children (when sick & needed) for the past 15 years. In fact, our youngest was born with a heart condition that required open heart surgery at 4 months old so we actually moved closer to Children’s and can walk to it from our home. They mean that much to us. That is how much faith and trust we have in the professionals at Children’s.

When your child has a minor injury or illness and your family’s pediatrician is not available, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Center is here for you especially on evenings, weekends and holidays. I love that every location has a pediatrician on staff plus they have specially trained staff to diagnose and treat children 0 to 21 years old.

Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent CareWith walk-in hours seven days a week, including evenings and holidays, at Children’s Urgent Care you get access to the Children’s network of doctors and pediatric specialties. In order to diagnose your child’s minor illnesses and injuries, they utilize lab and x-ray services plus they offer fracture care with access to pediatric orthopaedic specialists. Children’s can put your mind at ease knowing that your child is getting the best care possible.

Trust the Experts at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent CareOur Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Center Experience

My daughter was recently sick and it seemed to be getting a little worse. When she woke up on a Sunday morning with a fever of 101 and ear pain so intense that she had to lay down, I immediately called our pediatrician’s nurse line. The nurse spoke with me for a few minutes, then spoke with my daughter and then suggested we head to Children’s right away so they could see our child.

Since we already knew where the closest Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Center was located, I went online to save my spot in line for check-in at a time convenient for us (what a fabulous service, by the way! Why don’t more places do this?) and then we drove to the location.

From the moment that we walked in, we felt taken care of and that our needs were priority. This was incredibly comforting to me since going into mama bear mode is so stressful and exhausting because all you want is your child to feel better but you have no idea how to make that happen. Children’s makes it happen. Every single time.

They found that she had a double ear infection, bronchitis and sinusitis plus they did an X-ray right there on the spot (no driving to another office). They prescribed my daughter a few different medicines and they were able to electronically send her prescriptions right to our pharmacy which means no paper to carry around or lose.

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  1. This looks like a great place for children to receive quality care. The fact that they offer walk in hours seven days a week is especially awesome, since illnesses never make an appointment.

  2. We haven’t needed an urgent care in a few years. But I’ve heard great things about their treatment of kids in an emergency. 
    Our pediatrician has privileges at CHOA which is comforting. 

  3. Pam

    Having a good urgent care is so important. Hopefully you don’t need to use it often, but it’s always nice to know it’s there.

  4. I’m glad you have access to such a reliable urgent care center. Having the ability to save your spot online will be incredibly convenient!

  5. We depend on our local children’s urgent care – my kids always have a way of showing first signs of sickness late at night! This sounds like a solid one.

  6. It is always on weekends and late at night when the emergency happens in my family. It would be great to have an urgent care that I could trust at all hours.

  7. So great that they are there when you need them. Urgent cares are so much better than ER’s

  8. We have been to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Urgent Care Center before. I didn’t realize they did online check-in, good to know! 

  9. I honestly prefer Urgent Care Centers over Emergency Rooms. I love that they have a center dedicated specifically to children.

  10. I absolutely love when there are medical staff you can rely on. It’s many times you feel uneasy with medical personnel.

  11. Love this – Love that you can hold a place in line before heading out. It stinks to sit in a waiting room with a sick child (and other sick children) – and I love the walk-in hours seven days a week that include evening hours!

  12. I’ve heard great things about them and I think I’ve donated via a blogger fundraising for them. Great info here. – yolonda

  13. What an amazing experience this was. It’s so nice that you have a place to take the kids to whenever they’re sick and there seems to be no hassle at all! It was smooth sailing from the moment you set up your appointment!

  14. Rosey

    It’s so important to feel comfortable with whomever is giving the care. I’m glad to hear you have nothing but accolades.

  15. Health is wealth. I have always been aware of my kids feelings. My youngest been sick since yesterday. And having a health care like that is very important.

  16. Victoria Heckstall

    I am really glad to know about this. Thank for this post 🙂 I’ll keep this advise and tips.

  17. I’m with you, I hope all clinics would allow you to save your spot in line for check-in. And at a time convenient for you? Wow! I hope Anabella is feeling better now.

  18. I always like when they are people like this who you can rely on with your kids! I’m glad you found them!

  19. Having medical staff that you can trust, especially children’s medical staff, is crucial!! I love that you are within walking distance of a children’s hospital and that urgent care is open when you need them!

  20. I think urgent care facilities are very good and important. The fact that they are open 7 days a week is major factor as stuff happens any day of the week. 

  21. Debra Hawkins

    My kids always seem to get sick right after the doctor’s office is closed! I am so glad urgent care exists! It sounds like you get wonderful treatment!

  22. How nice that you were able to take your daughter to such an awesome clinic for the kids. I love that they are fully equipped and the have everything they need to take care of the kids who need urgent care.

  23. Wow. Now that is truly a great way to have symptoms checked and addressed. I seriously agree with you that there should be more places that offer the same care, attention and convenience as the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Urgent Care. Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope your daughter is feeling a whole lot better now.

  24. We go to urgent care when our doctors office is closed. I do everything that I can to stay out of the ER.

  25. I agree, google is not a solution for all your problems. Only a good doctor can help you.

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