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Transformers Construct Bots

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My son is loving  TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS. They are a really cool toy that encourages kids to uses different senses while constructing something totally cool. In addition, my husband is totally happy playing along with my son as they often build stuff together (as evidenced by my son's  begging on his Christmas wish list for a rocket to build with his dad).


TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS is a new and innovative line that lets kids construct, convert and customize the TRANSFORMERS character of their dreams! TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figures include a robot frame, lots of armor, weapons and accessory parts to let kids construct an iconic TRANSFORMERS character like OPTIMUS PRIME or BUMBLEBEE.

What my son really likes is that the parts are interchangeable between all TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figures (each sold separately). He switches parts all around and creates some really cool characters. He also loves that each TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS figure also converts from robot to vehicle and back without taking it apart.

What I love about TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS is that they can unlock the creativity of your child. can unlock kids' creativity. You and your child can create a custom Bot by simply swapping a head between two figures. You can use the parts nearly anywhere and this lets kids create their own custom characters. Plus even the AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON symbols are interchangeable.

TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS are not only a great toy for kids but they a great activity as well. Parents and kids can work together to construct, convert and customize a TRANSFORMERS character. For even more fun you can try inventing a name and back-story for your new TRANSFORMERS character.

And by the way, I said Toys for Boys but honestly that is not true at all. My daughters like these as much as my son does. They have all built together and played for a long time together with these things. So they are for boys and girls. I highly encourage you to have your daughters check them out as well.



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