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V8 VegOut Challenge

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Did you know that it’s pretty simple to LOVE veggies? For more than 80 years V8 has celebrated the goodness of vegetables and fruits and they want the world to know and join their mission. I love V8. I have been a drinker of V8 for years and I even have the rest of my family drinking it as well.

When I was asked to partner with V8 I was thrilled because it is something that is a part of our every day rituals. We drink V8 in the morning and in the afternoon. In fact, I like to heat it up in the afternoon.

The V8 brand's commitment to innovation has led to the development of many new products that meet consumers' changing taste and lifestyle needs.Their mission is to continue making it more enjoyable for people to get the vegetables they need. Over the last 75 years, the product lineup has grown to include more than 44 varieties, from twists on the traditional “red juice” such as Low Sodium V8 and Spicy Hot V8, to unique fruit and vegetable juice blends.

In fact, Campbell found many consumers wanted a convenient way to get more vegetables in their diet but preferred a”sweeter” taste, so its product innovation team worked to create a solution. In 2006, Campbell introduced V8 V-Fusion® juice — which delivers vegetable nutrition that tastes like fruit and offers a full serving (half cup)of fruit and a full serving (half cup) of vegetables in every 8-ounce glass.

Tomato juice with ripe vegetables


V8 is on a mission to get the world to step up and celebrate veggies. They are inviting consumers to join the community on Facebook for one month of daily challenges, dares and surprises all while kicking consumers’ love for veggies up a notch. Throughout the campaign, V8 will be sharing recipes and fun facts. Participating is a great way to eat your veggies and have a little fun in the process.

The V8 VegOut! Challenge is aiming to celebrate vegetables and engage consumers to share their passion for veggie and the brand in a fun and social way.  A few ways of doing this is by accepting one of the VegOut! Veggie Challenges and Dares, developing original content –like a recipe, video, photo, and I encourage you to do the same.

We are very excited to participate in the V8 VegOut and in fact, are planning to go raw with our veggies throughout the month of November. That is the best part about the V8 VegOut. You choose how to participate in your Veggie Missions. The Veggie Dares are a lightweight, fun veggie-themed activity that can be easily completed by almost anyone. The Veggie Challenges offer a more involved veggie-themed activity that takes a bit more effort than a regular Dare.V8 100 Vegetable Juice


Veggie Dare: Farmer’s Market

Find some beautiful veggies at your local Farmer’s Market or grocery store and show us your favorites with #V8VegOut

Veggie Dare: Veggie Photo bombs

Psssst. Find a way to sneak veggies into a group photo.  Extra points if it’s someone else’s! Check out our V8 Veg Out! team showing some V8 love and tag yours with #V8VegOut

Veggie Dare: Kiss V8

Take a picture of you kissing your favorite kind of V8100% Juice. Check out our V8 Veg Out! team showing us some V8 love and tag yours with #V8VegOut

Veggie Dare: Try A New Vegetable

Yeah, you heard us. Live a little! Go out and try a vegetable you’ve never tried before and show us with #V8VegOut.

Veggie Dare: Invite A Friend

Know a friend who needs more veggies in their live? Give them a bottle of V8 and invite them to join Veg Out! #V8VegOut


Veggie Challenge: Raw Veggies

Think you can go a day without eating cooked vegetables? Show us and only eat raw. #V8VegOut

Veggie Challenge: Create Your Own Dare

Ok, time to get creative. Make up your own Veggie Mission and send it to us with #V8VegOut. Who knows, you may be featured on our page!


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