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Tips for Improving Memory

Tips for Improving MemoryTips for Improving Memory

This article discusses some factors that assist in improving our memory. Memory plays an important role in each of our lives. As a blind person, I depend largely on my ability to remember. I admit to sometimes having ìblondî moments, and forgetting things! Whether we are young or old, enhancing our memory will help make our lives a little easier. We hope that you find these Tips for Improving Memory helpful.

Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep, can impair our memory. In fact, research reveals a strong correlation between insomnia and problems with memory. Studies demonstrate that six hours of sleep is important for the optimal functioning of our memory. Neglecting our bodyís need for sleep, may not only adversely affect our memory, but also our ability to cope with daily stresses.

One day, I arrived at work in a sleep-deprived state. When my manager inquired about what report I was currently editing, my mind went blank! When I was catching a train home that afternoon, I left my bag on the train station. Fortunately, I remembered just as the train was pulling out of the station. After wrenching the doors open, I managed to retrieve my bag. I am not normally this forgetful. Personal experiences have therefore taught me that my body needs adequate sleep in order for my memory to function efficiently.

Posture and its Impact on Memory

The way we sit, can affect our thinking. For example, slouching open-mouthed over our desk with our gaze turned downward, may actually hinder our ability to process information. Conversely, if we sit up straighter with our mouth closed and our eyes directed straight ahead, we may be able to think more clearly. My primary school teacher used to assess us on our posture. It seems there may have been method to his madness!


Attention is a key factor in memory. We need to focus and actively process information in our short-term memory, before it can be stored in our long-term memory. Strategies that we employ to recall this information, may vary.

Memory and Studying for Exams

It doesnít take a rocket scientist to realize, that memory is crucial for exam preparation. Research reveals that we should avoid cramming when studying for exams. Students, who study the material frequently, are statistically more likely to remember the information than those who try to learn most of it in the last couple of days. I can vouch for this!

Tips for Improving Memory

Using Food to Improve Memory

It's believed that certain foods can actually serve to improve an individual's capability to remember. These foods include:

* Grapes
* Blueberries
* Apples
* Onions
* Spinach
* Whole-grain puffed rice
* Orange juice
* Dark leafy vegetables
* Nuts
* Fish
* Caffeine
* Curry

Exercise research reveals that regular sessions of moderate exercise, assists in improving memory. Additionally, it can reduce the ìage-related loss of brain volumeî in the region known as hippocampus.

Exercise may include a brisk walk, or aerobics. When we are active, chemicals are released in our brain to help us process information more efficiently. Hence, making the effort to exercise regularly will not only help us look better, but also think better.

By enhancing memory, we can help make life less stressful and more organized. Instead of running around the house like a headless chook, looking for our keys or wallet, we may actually be able to relax and take our time! Hence, by exercising our memory regularly, we may also improve quality of life. We hope you are inspired by these Tips for Improving Memory. Let us know if you put them in to action.

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