The Silent Threat of Ignored Symptoms in Adults Over 40
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The Silent Threat of Ignored Symptoms in Adults Over 40

The Silent Threat of Ignored Symptoms in Adults Over 40

Heart pain is dangerous! No one should ignore it. First of all, people over 40 years old should pay attention to small symptoms. They can lead to irreversible consequences. For example, to paralysis, or even to death. Do not delay diagnosis and treatment. It is best to get a checkup every year. No matter if you have any ailments, check up on the main organ in the body.

Doctor.Global will help you solve any problem: from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation after illness. This is an excellent service that will save you from many problems. The company cooperates with the best clinics in Israel. We would like to specify that you will pay the same amount as if you had applied to the clinic directly.

The Silent Threat of Ignored Symptoms in Adults Over 40

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Doctors in this country treat cardiac diseases using international experience.

In Israel, a specialist decides on a certain method of diagnosis or treatment based on international protocols. The specialists here are progressive and are members of medical societies. They are in constant dialogue with each other. Doctors exchange opinions about an individual patient or an entire study. Yes, this is the norm in the developed medical world. There is no fear of coming here for treatment!

Medicine in Israel has become a global brand. Life expectancy in this country is 80 years for men and 84 years for women. Such figures consistently occupy the first lines in the world rating of the World Health Organization.

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Israel ranks 3rd in the rating of IHRC – International Health Research Center. 29 clinics in the country have JCI accreditation. To obtain this status, a medical center must meet more than one and a half thousand criteria, including the level of qualification of staff, safety, and service.

The state and the authorities in particular seriously control foreign medical tourism. There is even a special association that monitors the quality of services provided. They consider patients' complaints and regulate the activities of companies operating in this market.

Treatment of heart-related diseases should take place in top hospitals in the world. Diagnosis and treatment should be carried out by a true professional. Doctor.Global helps to organize your treatment with the best specialist based on your disease and needs. Of course, many people face other problems as well. The service provides services for online consultations, working with an interpreter, and solving any of your problems.

The Silent Threat of Ignored Symptoms in Adults Over 40

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Israel is famous not only for its hospitals but also for its pharmaceuticals. You probably know the pharmaceutical company Teva. It is widely known outside its country. Medical goods produced by it are characterized by high safety and effectiveness. Medicines are performed in full compliance with the norms of international laboratory practice GLP and using advanced testing equipment. The import of pharmacological agents is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Health of Israel.

The cardiology department in many hospitals accepts patients with a wide variety of heart diseases: angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, myocarditis, myocardial dystrophy, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, a variety of heart defects, and many others. They also perform complex operations for the surgical removal of heart tumors. The complexity lies in the localization of tumors in places difficult to access for surgery and in the involvement of functionally significant parts of the heart, which are replaced by implants. The best transplantation of donor hearts and implantation of artificial pacemakers using local technologies are performed in this country. Scientists are planning to carry out the transplantation of a heart typed on a 3D printer for the first time in the world. We see doctors trying to beat every possible heart disease.

Even for diagnostic testing, the most advanced examination techniques are used. For treatment, tried and trusted medications are used and for surgical treatment, minimally invasive, the most sparing methods are preferred.

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And of course, no one forgets about the rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases. This is one of the most urgent tasks for full life activity. Any disease of the circulatory system leads to a violation of the function of organs and all systems in the work of the body. After a full course of treatment, the doctor prescribes procedures and medications, if required. For each patient, everything is individualized. Some will be enough therapeutic gymnastics or physical therapy, and some will need additional examinations and medications.

The average price for cardiology procedures in Israel is $3129. For example, radiofrequency ablation costs from $2500, the average cost is about $8000, and in Germany, the average price will be about $10500. This is an important procedure. The Israeli ablation method is recognized worldwide as the optimal solution for the treatment of arrhythmias. On average, a consultation with a cardiologist in Israel costs $400, in Germany it will cost you $450. Certainly, the difference with Germany is small. But please note that the quality of services in Europe is much worse. Here you should take into account the fact that not always the price for services corresponds to the quality.

The Silent Threat of Ignored Symptoms in Adults Over 40

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Medicine is too expensive in the United States. The prices for medical care there are much higher than in Europe. But this does not mean that you will get a better solution to your problem in the USA. In Israel and Turkey, the prices for medical services are much lower than in Europe. At the same time, medicine in these countries is at a fairly high level. For example, Israel spends more than 8% of its GDP on medicine from the state budget. Such serious financing allows Israeli medical institutions to assist at optimal cost to local and foreign patients.

Do not be afraid to apply to clinics, especially foreign ones! Israel is a very young state. In less than 80 years they managed to create a health care system that is recognized as one of the best in the world. The prospects for this system and this state are very bright.

You should be concerned about your health. Unfortunately, in today's world, we are greatly influenced by lifestyle and ecology. People are constantly stressed and don't pay attention to their well-being. This is very bad! Take care of yourself and your family. Go for annual check-ups and be healthy!

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