Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair

Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair

Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair Sponsored

Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair

We've got tiki on the mind and we are planning a party that will encompass all things Tiki. Our party planning philosophy has always been to have pieces that we can use again and again. Pieces that don't exactly all match but when put together, make the room. We partnered with Wayfair to share our party plans with you and to curate this fabulous board: Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair.

However, before we even have a party, our outdoor living space could use some serious help. I love Hawaii and all things tropical. In fact, I spent 5 years living there. I wanted to go Tiki Chic for our back deck because it pays homage to all of the things that I loved about living in Hawaii. So here's our version of Tiki Chic.

Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair

Check out our Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space

Our Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space is 100% tailored for a Tiki or Polynesian feel. We mixed woods with metallics and fun Hawaiian prints. We even throw an awesome tiki statue in their if you want to go full on Tiki. The space has a nice, eclectic feel.

Our deck spans that entire length of the house so we have an odd mishmash of seating. We decided to do away with that and just decorate the one space that we all hang out in anyway. This is the space right outside our living room. I have been dying to expand that deck outward and go two levels down. It would make our really serene backyard even better.

The couch and two chairs with table make a great lounging area. Set that tiki bar against a wide open kitchen window to pass drinks and food through or keeps drink in the cooler we chose. The pineapple pillows would look good on the couch and/or chairs.

Our entire backyard is woods so it is very dark back there. The metal candle holders can be placed around on darker nights. The round light bulbs illuminate things a little more than usual while the tiki torches give the place a more genuine tiki feel.

The ceiling fan is a must have in the Atlanta heat. The large tiki statue is just perfect. The outdoor rug ties everything together nicely.


Tiki Chic Tropical Outdoor Living Space inspired by Wayfair

So I think that we added a nice mix of seating including that uber amazing Hammock that is in my shopping cart right now. I love it that much! A couple of pieces of art will adorn the walls out there like this bamboo art.

We fell instantly in love with these Kona wood plates and even found wood forks to coordinate. We then added these metallic wine glasses plus some other fun glassware and then added several of the metal votives.

We are thrilled with our virtual space.

We will share our ongoing progress with you as we get things in. We have a very full shopping cart at Wayfair and I buy a few things at a time.

What is your favorite piece?

Tiki Chic

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  1. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love the hammock swing. That bar and bar stools would look great on my porch, lol.

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy

    They have such cute stuff at Wayfair. I shop there as much as possible.

  3. These look like great decor for outdoor living space. I love it so much!

  4. I love everything you have here. I love Wayfair. They have such wonderful decorating items for your space.

  5. Wayfair sounds like a great place to get really cute decorations! I’ll have to take a look at what they have!

  6. These are some awesome tropical-themed pieces. I’d love to have a little getaway in my backyard!

  7. I just love the Tiki look! I have always wanted to turn my outside space into a Tiki bar! So much fun!

  8. I love Tikis! I have a couple of Tiki scentsys around the house. I think they are pretty cool. There a re a lot of these that I would love to have.

  9. I like the tiki chic look for outdoor decorating. Seems like it wouldn’t show much dirt that always gets on outdoor decor.

  10. These are great finds! I love the stacking shot glass set. I’ll definitely check this out!

  11. Jeanine

    All of this looks amazing. Our outdoor space isn’t so wonderful at the moment so I’d love to pretty it up with any of these great items!

  12. What cute decorations! I don’t think I’ve ever thought of using this design before but it’s definitely cute!

  13. I love it all. It would make your outdoor space transform into a vacation destination each time you step out there. The tiki heads are so cute!

  14. Nikki Wayne

    Oh, I like that side table. I want to have an outdoor space that has a tiki theme.

  15. Rosey

    I’d like to have set of those tiki bar stools. Perfect for the patio!

  16. Kristin

    This sounds so fun! We’re headed back to school, I feel like I gotta pack the pineapples up or something. Too soon! 

  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have been looking for some new pieces to put in my backyard. Last fall we changed all the brick on the patio.

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