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Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Cookware

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Cookware

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Cookware is known the world over for its excellent professional quality. The Mauviel Company, with its roots in Normandy, has been designing beautiful and high-functioning cookware since the first half of the 19th century. Today they manufacture cookware in aluminum, stainless steel and copper, which is used by many professional and private cooks.

MY FAVORITE: The Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Saucepan with Lid is a small copper saucepan that weighs around two pounds. It is part of their lightest weight line of cookware. The saucepan is actually about 90 percent copper with a thin overlay of stainless steel on the inside and stainless steel rivets on the bronze handle.

This is my other favorite:

Mauviel M'Heritage 2

I grab this pan almost every single time I cook.

Copper is an excellent choice for cookware because of how well that metal conducts heat. Copper pans heat fast but also evenly, and they also cool down quickly. This makes the Mauviel Saucepan an ideal pan for cooking sauces or melting butter or margarine in preparation for making sauces. Because the pan cools down quickly and is so attractive, it’s also a pan that can be brought to table. The lid fits tightly, so sauces can be kept warm and retain their moisture and flavor.

Mauviel M'Heritage 4While it’s recommended that the pan be hand washed, it’s easy to clean it up. The evenness of the heat distribution makes it less likely that anything will scorch while cooking, but in the event that it does need to be scoured, the stainless steel interior lining won’t be hurt by a scouring pad. Mauviel also sells a special copper cleaning paste that helps to keep your cookware bright and shining.

Mauviel M'heritage Copper Cookware has a long heritage. The Mauviel Company began in Normandy in 1830 in a city that had already been known for copper manufacturing for eight centuries. Today their cookware can be readily bought and enjoyed by professional as well as private cooks. Their cookware lines are available at a number of online retailers. Larger saucepans, sauté pans, crepes pans, paella pans and cookware sets of multiple pieces are some of the many pieces you can find. Mauviel also makes steamer inserts, stew pots, beating bowls and fondue sets.

Mauviel M'Heritage 5

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  1. Birdiebee

    What beautiful cookware. I would love to try this out someday. Thank you for the review.

  2. nicole dz

    Love how light this cookware is. Very beautiful set. Love the finish! I need a high quality set like this. The cooper is better for cooking.

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