Eerie Entryways with Wayfair Halloween Decorations

Eerie Entryways with Wayfair

Eerie Entryways with Wayfair #WayfairAtHome #WayfairEerieEntryways

It's almost Halloween and if you haven't decorated yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Our decor has been up for almost two months. We take our Halloween seriously around here. Halloween is a big deal in our household. My kids would start decorating in the summer if we let them. We literally start planning in the summer and when it comes to costumes, they are usually decided in January. We hope that you love this Eerie Entryways with Wayfair #WayfairAtHome #WayfairEerieEntryways post.

Our Eerie Entryway

When I combined my love of Halloween with my love of Wayfair, you can bet the results were equally spooky and eerie. It's like we are living in a graveyard! We buy one or two tombstones every single year to add to our decor. They have to be made of stone rather than foam and they have to be able to stay outside in any temperature.

This Lighted Gothic Tombstone with Skeletons is  foam and is perfect for a porch or foyer in your home or grab this Skeleton and Tombstone Decorative Accent for an ever scarier look.

Love these skeleton statues? You can get this Fetch the Skeleton Dog Statue on Wayfair right now or go even spookier with these Day of the Dead Metal Skeletons.

No graveyard would be complete without some bones, right? This 5 Piece Halloween Groundbreaker Yard Skeleton Set is all you need to amp up those graves and make it scarier. You can also go with this Posable Halloween Skeleton to hang out right on the graves or by the front door. I am also especially fond of that large bat with the light up red eyes hanging by the door and this Shaking Spider Halloween Figurine would be perfect there as well.Next year, we definitely need this Cemetery Arch Entrance Standup and a few more tombstones. I ordered this The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue a few days ago and it will make a nice addition to our spooky graveyard.

Next year, we definitely need this Cemetery Arch Entrance Standup and a few more tombstones. I ordered this The Vampire Demon Tombstone Statue a few days ago and it will make a nice addition to our spooky graveyard.

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We hope that you are inspired by this Eerie Entryways with Wayfair #WayfairAtHome #WayfairEerieEntryways post. Happy shopping!!

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  1. Alexandra

    Love the decorations! How have you been celebrating Halloween? It isn’t huge here in Australia, but I will be in the USA next year and I am so excited!

  2. Love all the Halloween decorations. My house does not look anything like this. Have a fun and safe Halloween 🙂

  3. We’ve only just discovered WAYFAIR and its great! Love the decorations! Going to have a look at their Christmas range now x

  4. viv

    Very well done, and love the creativity! I can’t believe Halloween is over. Until next year!

  5. robin rue

    Wayfair has so much cool stuff. I love all the stuff I have gotten from them over the years.

  6. I am a huge Wayfair fan, as is my husband. We have to have a budget when we head to this website. WAYYYY too tempting to buy buy buy.

  7. What awesome lawn decorations! I bet your yard was the talk of the neighborhood!

  8. Your entryway looks amazing! We did our decorating in the middle of September. I just took it all down today and it made me sad because Halloween decorations are my favorite!

  9. Wayfair are such a great brand for home decor. I am loving your Halloween decorations – suitably spooky and eerie! I particularly love the Fetch the Dog skeleton statue!

  10. Amy

    This looks so creepy!! I love how open your entryway is! Wayfair is one of my favorite places to shop for wreaths and home decor!

  11. I’m still getting used to Halloween since it’s not traditional where I come from. So our decorations are very simple, but we might upgrade next year . Yours look very cool and creepy 🙂

  12. Those are some eerie entrances! We love Halloween and decorating the house with themed decor.

  13. Preet

    This looks so awesome. I love how beautiful your Halloween decors are. I would love to try this for the next Halloween.

  14. Surekha Busa

    Thanks to Wayfair for giving you a satisfaction and I can say that this Halloween decorations is amazingly beautiful.

  15. You did an amazing job getting into the Halloween spirit.  I love shopping on WayFair.  They have amazing deals and everything is very good quality.

  16. Elizabeth O

    What a cool design for Halloween. I love this kind of set up very nice and fantastic! Great to try Wayfair for home decorations.

  17. Those dog skeletons are adorable! I’ll have to get a few for next year!

  18. Tonya Morris

    I love Wayfair! Sad that Halloween is over as I love all of these creative decoration ideas!

  19. Lovely decorations! I love Halloween and sweet hoe decor is making ti even better

  20. I love the decorations, very appropriate for Halloween.

  21. I love the Halloween theme! It’s perfect for this season for sure! Kids will like it.

  22. Kiwi

    Lovely halloween decor. Very festive this is something I would do!

  23. I’ve read great things about Wayfair, but have yet to try them. After this, you’ve convinced me to really give them a try, thank you!

  24. These look absolutely incredible! You are so creative! Halloween ideas for thise who are obsessed with this holiday!

  25. I love Halloween decorations! People in my country don’t really decorate their homes :/

  26. What cute decorations!!! I love it!!! Gotta check out wayfair now for my Christmas decor!!!

  27. Hello girl! you did a splendid job decorating your house! It looks like a fin place ti take halloween pictures!

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