Lower Your Cell Phone Data Costs

Lower Your Cell Phone Data Costs With These 5 Tips

Lower Your Cell Phone Data Costs With These 5 Tips


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With rising dependance and usage of smartphones, data costs have started to add up, and now make up a significant chunk of an average family’s or individual’s monthly income. 

Unlike previously expected, data costs are not showing any signs of dropping with increased competition, instead telecom giants across the world have created broad moats around their businesses, allowing them to function like cartels.

This makes it pertinent for users to adopt certain tips and strategies to save on their cell phone data costs. As it is pointless to suggest reduced smartphone usage or data consumption in this day and age, we mostly focus on reducing leakages, and other redundancies that are costing you money.

1. Select The Right Data Plan

Cell phone data plans come in different shapes and sizes, but even then, things are rarely what they seem. Many carriers come with certain hidden charges and peculiarities that end up costing you for certain types of usage that are never mentioned in pricing plans, and are only included in the

This includes aspects such as overage charges which are incurred every 200 megabytes in excess data that you consume, and can go as high as $15 for each such instance. As a result, it is recommended to compare mobile plans before selecting, and go beyond the base prices and features, and into the details.

2. Monitor Your Usage Regularly

Make it a point to check your data usage regularly in your phone’s settings, and consider cutting back on usage if it is about to breach your monthly limits.


Based on your usage and monthly allowance, you might consider browsing the net by connecting to the WiFi, or putting off downloads entirely, in order to stay within the budget.


Most smartphones also allow you to set up data usage alerts that notify you when you are about to breach the limit. Use these options wisely to ensure there are no surprises that could result in expensive overage charges.

3. Disable Automatic App Updates & Refresh

Many apps on your smartphone continue using your data while in the background without your permission or even notifying you for routine updates and refreshing. Users are recommended to either turn-off automatic updates for apps, or change permissions to only allow them when connected to WiFi.

The same can be done for constant app refreshing, by disabling data usage for apps that don’t require regular refreshing, or are not in use. These two measures can help save money on data consumption substantially. 

4. Use Data Compression

The ‘Data Saver’ mode on your Chrome mobile browser, or apps such as Onavo, or UC Browser can help save on data consumption by compressing the data before it is sent to your smartphone. 

Compression can ideally reduce data usage by as much as 50%, including videos and images, with minimal loss of quality. Originally aimed at internet users with low speeds, it works great for users who are looking to save on their monthly data usage.

5. Be Mindful of Hotspot Usage

Mobile hotspotshave become an increasingly popular way of sharing your phone’s connection with a laptop, desktop, or other devices. They, however, come with a few drawbacks, mainly pertaining to increased data consumption.

While the days of carriers charging more for hotspot usage have fortunately come to an end, using hotspot on laptops or desktops still does result in higher data consumption. This is mostly a result of increased screen sizes on these devices that require the downloading of more pixels, than when compared to smaller screens on smartphones.

As a result, it is recommended to use hotspots only during emergencies, and for short periods of time, to ensure you don’t bleed through your data allowance.

Final Words

Given the persistently high cost of mobile data, it is in your best interest to ensure your data allowance goes as far and long as possible. With the above-mentioned tips you can ensure you make the most of it, without compromising on your browsing experience, or cutting down on your online activities.

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