7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations

7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations

7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations

One of the best things about car manufacturers is that they provide room for modifications to the owner. Some car owners like to bring changes to their cars or bring the vehicle to life to many car enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many may want to try out mods on cars and end up throwing money down the drain, and make the owner appear like a moron. If all you care about is speed and your car's performance, then you are about to know how to unlock the hidden horsepower. We hope that you love this 7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations post. 

If you happen to be driving a German machine, an Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, or any other performance vehicle, you probably have been looking for ways to boost your car's performance. Every car type and model from different manufactures will have different possibilities when it comes to vehicle mods.

Before you decide on your mods, you should identify the right garages or auto shops in your area to guide you throughout the car's modification. Just as you wouldn't go to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist for a gynecology concern, you wouldn't go to a shop that mostly deals with domestic vehicles for Audi tuning or Porsche off-the-shelf calibrations. Here are some of the car mods that can be done in your local auto shop:

Larger throttle body

More air and more fuel bring more power to your car. When you install a throttle body with a larger diameter, this, in turn, will increase the amount of air entering your engine. For the ratio of fuel to air to be equal, the fuel injection system will, in turn, deliver more power to cater to the more air. With all these happening, your vehicle's acceleration and horsepower will increase in return.

Cut down the weight

To those with older performance cars, there are high chances that they were built using heavy materials. If you have been looking for ways to improve vehicle weight to engine power, all you have to do is cut down the unwanted parts or replace the heavy-duty parts with light materials. The main components to start with are the hood and trunk covers with carbon fiber. After weight reduction, your car will improve performance-wise due to the few lost kilograms.

7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations

Race tires

If you are a speed junkie, believe you me, the tires you use will affect your cornering, braking, and acceleration on highways or on the track. High-performance tires offer maximum grip on tarmac and during races on the track. If you are situated in an area where you experience winter, it will be right to have two sets of tires, a set for winter driving, and the other set for summer driving. You may have to spend between $140 and $400 for a high-performance tire. 

Race seats

After all the engine performance mods are done, you don't want to be thrown sideways when you turn at a corner, and your body moves forward when braking. For a few hundred dollars, you can buy yourself race seats complete with a harness. You will be surprised by the difference they bring to your driving, and the quick adjustments on the seat when braking, accelerating, or steering will go unnoticed.

Performance brakes

With all the horsepower added to your vehicle, you need high-performance brake pads to counter the power when you need to stop or slow down. You can go ahead to change your brake discs too and have those that will not eat up under continuous heavy breaking. Ventilated disc and quality brake pads will sure bring the perfect modification and an upgrade to your car.

ECU tune

You want to unlock the extra power in your Audi, BMW, or any other model's engine? You need to seek a professional with the right tools to reprogram your car's ECU and remap it. ECU tuning is an effective way to increase your car's torque and power electronically, and it can go ahead to improve your vehicle's engine efficiency and offer more comfort during drives.

Anti-Roll Bar

If you fear cornering at high speeds, well having an adjustable sway bar will make your car's weight be more even on the road when you speed at a corner. The sway bar helps in high-speed cornering by keeping your car's weight on the road. Don't be afraid to spend a few bucks for such upgrades in your vehicle.

With all the high-performance upgrades and modifications done to cars, the last upgrade to do is to sharpen your driving skills to handle the power that comes with the changes. We hope that you are inspired by this 7 of the Best Car Upgrades Modifications and Off-the-Shelf Calibrations post. 

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