The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App
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The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App

The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App

So I like to play games on my phone. They are something that is the perfect, quick escape and I get to challenge myself a little. A few months ago I started playing this game that my daughter loves. I opened her game The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery Free Mobile Game App and just started playing.

You see I am sort of the seeker of lost things in my house. My kids never put anything back in the same place and are constantly having to look for things. Shoes. Backpacks. Clothes. Accessories. Games. LOTS OF THINGS.

When I started playing The Secret Society a funny thing happened. All of my Mother-Seeker of Lost Things training really paid off. I am rockstar at this game. I can seriously find anything. I know have a new favorite game and I have to say that it is so much cooler finding things like wine or a magic lamp than a rogue shoe or sock.

This game is really easy to pick up and put down when you have to. I especially like that the entire game is free with absolutely no pressure to buy things in-app. If you are a parent, then you know how tough it can be when your kid buys things in app without you knowing (we had $855 in iTunes charges one year because of this – they credited us). It can be tough to figure which apps have the ability to buy things and which do not. The Secret Society makes it easy.

I especially like that the hidden object games get increasingly difficult. This makes me work a little harder to find the missing things in the time that I have. Plus I feel like I am giving my brain a workout. This increasing difficulty also results in a high retention rate for users. They are continuously adding new content every 4-6 weeks so that means I never get tried because the pictures and puzzles are changing.

My favorite part is that I often team up with two of my kids to play this game. We have such a fun time trying to find all of the objects. I really enjoy playing with them as much as I like playing on my own. We definitely bond over games.

The only thing that I don't like is that the game is somewhat small on my phone but if you have super serious ninja lost thing finding skills like I do then you'll do fine. Even if you don't you still do fine.

I was already part of the mysterious order of seekers. The Secret Society just made it official!

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