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LG Styler Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of Home

LG Styler - Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of Home

LG Styler Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of Home

I consider myself to be an early adopter. This means that I embrace technology. I love checking out new items as soon as they hit the market and sometimes I get the opportunity to check them out right before they are introduced.

LG Electronics took New York Fashion Week by storm this past September by unveiling their  “LG Styler.” The LG Styler is a clothing management system that saves time and is an easy way to maintain and refresh your special care items like suits, coats, blouses and sweaters.

LG Styler - Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of Home

How Does the LG Styler Work?

The LG Styler works with a built-in heat pump that generates warm air and maintains it at a low temperature to keep clothing from shrinking or being damaged while drying. The LG Styler operates so quietly at only 40 decibels, that you can leave it running in the background and most likely not notice.

Smart Diagnosis™ and NFC Tag On are featured in the new LG Styler. Smart Diagnosis™ alerts the user via their smartphone when the unit needs maintenance or repair and with NFC, users can download specialized cycles to their smartphones to be uploaded to their Styler via smartphone. Since we are always connected to our smartphones, this is such a great feature that was really designed with the consumer in mind.

LG Styler - Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of HomeLG Innovation

The LG Styler features cleaning technologies through a variety on innovations like:


Simply touch a button to employ hot steam that will gently sanitize your clothes. This amazing technology also removes wrinkles and odors from your clothing while refreshing your clothes as well.

Odor Removal

This is such a needed feature. There are often times that I have something like my favorite cashmere wrap and I have worn it out for the evening. There are no stains and it is otherwise fine but there might be a food or smoke smell so it has to be cleaned. The LG Styler uses both steam and aroma sheets to remove those unpleasant odors that are left behind by smoke, food and sweat.

Quick Refresh

This is also something that I love. For years I have employed my own Quick Refresh technique in hotel rooms. I put a garment on a hanger and leave it in the bathroom with the shower on the hottest setting to create steam. Quick Refresh keeps clothes looking, feeling and smelling fresh, while Moving Hanger Action gently shakes the clothes after they have been steamed to de-­wrinkle garments. This is so much easier than my bathroom method.

Easy Pants Crease Care

This is something that has been an issue for me for years. Those pesky wrinkles at the back of the knees never seem to go away from just ironing. The Easy Pants Crease Care removes creases formed at the back of knees from daily wear while maintaining perfect pleats up front. I love that!

LG Styler - Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of HomeOur Thoughts on the LG Styler

The LG Styler is definitely on the forefront of technology. Being able to refresh my clothes without harsh detergents and with only steam means that my clothing will last longer. Plus I won't be spending so much out-of-pocket for those outrageous dry cleaning bills that we sometimes have.

When we redo our master closet (we are taking over my son's bedroom) next year, I want an LG Styler in that closet because it is the perfect way to clean those special care garments without having to take them to the dry cleaners. The sleek, modern style will look great in our closet.

I especially love how quiet the LG Styler is when it runs. At 40 decibels this is equal to a whisper and much less than the average dishwasher which runs at 52 decibels. This thing is quiet and you might not even know it is running.

Check out our LG Styler Video

LG Styler - Steam Clean Clothes from the Comfort of HomeGen2

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  1. This is awesome! I hate ironing more than just about anything and while most of my clothes are OK, my hubby’s clothes have to be ironed! This would save me so much time!

  2. Wow, this would make an awesome addition to any busy family’s home. You would be able to save so much time by using the LG Styler.

  3. Crystal Lopez

    This is super cool! I am sure it comes in handy especially on items you don’t want to shrink up!

  4. My friend has one of these and she loves it. I would love to have one for my house.

  5. I’m terribly OCD and my iron recently broke. I was going crazy trying to find a suitable replacement. I started looking into steamers because I keep hearing steamers are better.

  6. Carla Bushey

    WOW this is amazing!!! I never head of these before. thansk for the info. I am very impressed.

  7. Wow, I want one of these, it looks so sleek and beautiful! Love how tall it is.

  8. The LG styler is a such a great alternative to dry cleaning, which can be so expensive!! Thank you for sharing it with us today!!

  9. Rebecca Swenor

    This LG Styler is an amazing invention indeed that I would love to have for sure. I have not yet heard of these but I am going to have to check this out for sure and I love how there are apps for your cell phone that go along with this LG Styler. Thanks for a great review.

  10. This would be so great for my husband’s clothes! What a great way to refresh clothes quickly and keep yourself looking styling.

  11. What a cool machine?!?!

    It looks quite big though. We had something similar a few years ago from Maytag because I hated ironing my husband’s dress shirts.

    I used it to clean and iron my husbands dress shirts.

    The only thing I found was that one sleeve always turned out quite wrinkled, as if there maybe was not enough room in the machine for it to hang properly.

  12. Meagan

    I hate washing and ironing all of my hubby’s work clothes. This would be the perfect solution! Love how it has odor removal too!

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That sounds so convenient! I need to try this for my husband’s work clothes.

  14. What an amazing piece of technology! My husband is a blue collar worker and I work from home, so we don’t usually wear items that need to be steamed or pressed, however, wrinkles drive me up the wall, so when it comes time to dress to impress, everything better be perfect.

  15. Kathy

    That is really nice! I could use one of these in my home. This would save so much time.

  16. I’m in heaven! We have a steamer and have for years. In fact I rarely pull out an iron anymore. Love the compactness of this cabinet and all the features. It’s so tidy and does so much!

  17. The LG Styler has a lot of positive qualities. I like the way it freshens clothing and removes the wrinkles without taking up a lot of time. You’re going to love it in your new Master Closet, I know.

  18. Digna

    Wow, this is really interesting! I hate ironing clothing!! This would make my life so much easier!

  19. This is awesome! I would love something like this. But it would be nicer than everything in my modest house.

  20. OMG! This thing looks amazing, I notice that you didn’t reveal the suggested price, but I would imagine it is only for the rich and famous, huh? We should get rich and famous so we can have one. Seriously, it looks like the perfect solution!

  21. The LG Styler looks like such an awesome piece of equipment! I want on in our home!!

  22. Wow! What an awesome innovation! Having one would save me time and energy. I would certainly love to have one.

  23. Wow this looks like a little closet! What a cool steamer!

  24. CourtneyLynne

    Omg I so need one of these!!!! I’m constantly having to iron all of hubbys work clothes and even my daughters school clothes!

  25. Kim Croisant

    Wow – I hadn’t ever thought about having one of these for our use at home. Although we don’t go to the cleaners as much as we used too, not sure we would need this, but it sure looks like it does a great job.

  26. This is one of the coolest home products I’ve seen! My husband would love this for all his work clothes!

  27. What a neat product! I can’t even tell you how many times a week I could use this!

  28. I can’t imagine the price, but I’d love to have something like this. It would definitely get a lot of usage! 🙂

  29. I was at NY Fashion Week but I didn’t get to see the LG Styler up close and personal, but it sounds like a great way to extend the life of ‘dry clean only’ apparel that’s for sure!

  30. Oh wow my home could surely use one of these!!! I’ll have to look into this for us!

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