How to Throw A Murder Mystery Dinner Party
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How to Throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

How to Throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Are you thinking of having a murder mystery dinner party at home? Planning a murder mystery dinner party can be a blast and below we have shared a step-by-step guide to get you started. We hope that this How to Throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party post inspires you. 

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How to Throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Choose Your Theme and Story

  • Pick a theme: Consider your guests' interests. Do they enjoy historical, noir, gothic, or quirky settings? Popular themes include pirate ships, Hollywood premieres, haunted mansions, and Murder on the Orient Express.
  • Popular themes include historical mysteries, Hollywood glamour, haunted mansions, tropical getaways, and even fictional universes like Harry Potter or Agatha Christie.
  • Pick a setting: Will it be a grand manor house, a bustling casino, or a futuristic space station?
  • Think about your guests: What kind of stories do they enjoy? Are they fans of historical periods, classic whodunits, or something more modern? Make sure your chosen theme has enough characters for everyone.
  • Consider the number of guests: Choose a theme with enough characters for everyone to participate.

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Craft the story

  • Decide on the murder victim and their connection to the guests.
  • Write your script: This gives you complete control but can be time-consuming.
  • Develop motives for each character, including red herrings and hidden secrets.
  • Plan out the clues, ensuring they are well-hidden and strategically placed.
  • Write character descriptions and backgrounds for each guest.
  • Create a script or outline for the evening, including key events and plot twists.
  • Use pre-made kits: Many companies offer murder mystery kits with storylines, characters, and clues.
  • Adapt a book or movie: Choose something your guests know and enjoy, but be mindful of copyright laws.

Murder Mystery Party Invitation

Invite Your Guests and Assign Roles

  • Send save-the-dates: Create excitement with themed invitations hinting at the mystery.
  • Create intriguing invitations: Include the theme, date, time, and a brief character description to pique their interest.
  • Invite: Choose the number of guests based on your story and venue space. 
  • Ask guests to RSVP: This helps you plan food and assign characters.
  • Once RSVPs are confirmed, send out character information packets with descriptions, backgrounds, and any secret motives. (see next step)

Assign characters (After Final RSVPs)

  • Consider personalities: Match characters to guests who will enjoy their roles.
  • Provide detailed backstories: Provide detailed character biographies. Give each guest a character sheet with background, motivations, and secrets.
  • Encourage costumes: Costume suggestions add to the immersion and fun!

PRO TIP: We've found countless murder mystery garb at local thrift stores. We encourage you to shop locally first and to always upcycle and/or buy used, if possible, to keep this cost-effective.

Set the Scene

  • Decorate your space to match the chosen theme: Transform your space to match the theme. Use lighting, music, props, and costumes to create an immersive atmosphere.
  • Prepare food and drinks: Finger foods or a themed buffet allow guests to mingle freely. Don't forget themed drinks with fun names!
  • Gather props and clues: These are essential for the mystery to unfold.
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Get Ready for Game Time

  • Prepare clues: Hide them around the venue for guests to discover throughout the night.
  • Facilitate the game: Briefly explain the rules and encourage guests to mingle and interrogate each other. Act as the narrator during key moments.
  • Provide props: Consider magnifying glasses, detective hats, and fake weapons to enhance the experience.

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Play the Game

  • Start with introductions. Welcome your guests and introduce the characters. Each guest introduces themselves in character.
  • Brief them on the rules and gameplay.
  • Act as the narrator or detective, guiding the story and providing clues when needed.
  • Follow the script or adapt as needed: Let the story unfold naturally, allowing guests to investigate.
  • Provide deduction opportunities: Scatter clues around the room and let guests piece them together.
  • Encourage guests to interact, share their suspicions, and accuse each other playfully.
  • Hold a final showdown: Everyone gathers to share their deductions and accuse the murderer.
  • Reveal the culprit: Have the chosen guest explain their motives and how they committed the crime followed by a final discussion and a lighthearted resolution.

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  • Set the mood: Play suspenseful music and dim the lights.
  • Offer prizes: Award the “best actor,” “sharpest detective,” most creative costume, or most dramatic performance.
  • Consider using pre-made murder mystery kits for a simpler planning experience.
  • Take photos: Capture the fun memories with themed photo props and a designated photographer.
  • Relax and have fun! Don't stress about perfection; the most important thing is for everyone to enjoy the interactive experience.

Remember: The most important thing is to have fun and let your guests get into the spirit of the game!

How to Throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Remember, the most important ingredient is your enthusiasm! The key is to have fun and let your creativity flow! With careful planning and a touch of theatrics, your murder mystery dinner party will be a roaring success and you can host a murder mystery dinner party that will be the talk of the town. We hope that this How to Throw a Murder Mystery Dinner Party post inspires you. Happy planning!

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