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The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day

It's football season around here and that means: games, tailgating, friends and food. We love watching football together as a family as much as we love getting together with friends to see the big game. In our house, football is pretty important and so is the food that we serve when watching our favorite sport.

My friends and I love to get together (sometimes with husbands and other times without) to watch and discuss all things football. This time it was just the girls so we were having good snacks and wine. I knew exactly what to make to please everyone so I headed to Walmart to stock up on some of my Tyson® favorites.

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game DayThe Perfect Snack Hack

Our absolute favorite snack hack for the big game day is to have multi-purpose sauces. Sauces can really enhance appetizers and indeed all foods. In fact, a good sauce can bring out more flavor and make a dish even better. Sauces, often times, offer many different flavor profiles allowing you to choose exactly what you are craving whether it is sweet or savory, hot or mild.

When it comes to sauce pairing, each of our sauces need to be able to be used with 3-4 items or in/on several dishes. This makes menu planning so much easier and guarantees something for everyone. We love to make a lot of our own sauces like BBQ, Ranch, etc. Sauces also make a great glaze or pour over some appetizers. Sauces also allow for a little more creativity in flavors.

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day

My husband also likes to put out some sauces that people wouldn't necessarily try everyday like Sriracha or Tzatziki. We love seeing the look on faces when they end up loving a new sauce.

Our Tyson Game Day Girls Night Picks

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day Hillshire Farms® Lit'l Smokies® Cocktail Links

Fully cooked and loaded with flavor, the Hillshire Farms Beef Lit'l Smokies Cocktail Links make a delicious treat and an even better appetizer. Links can easily be wrapped up or simmered for amazing flavor.

These Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies Cocktail Links are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of recipes. Add them to a crockpot with barbecue sauce or make little kebabs with toothpicks (add three to each). We love to make them by wrapping with crescent rolls and baking them at 350 for 12-14 minutes or until golden brown. For a twist, consider wrapping with bacon before cooking

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game DayTyson Any'tizers (bone-in) Wings

These Tyson Any'tizers (bone-in) wings are covered in a sweet honey barbecue sauce that is absolutely delicious. Ready in just minutes, these wings will delight your guests. These wings are perfect served as is but also pair well with either Ranch or BBQ dipping sauce.

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game DayState Fair® Mini Corn Dogs

These State Fair Mini Corn Dogs are bite-sized hot dogs, with sweet, smooth batter for delicious flavor. These are just the cutest little corn dogs ever and they taste great. Being small and easy to eat makes these the perfect bite sized appetizer plus the batter is the perfect tie in. Wrapping these in bacon before cooking would make an excellent snack hack as well.

The Perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day

Tyson Foods is the perfect Snack Hack for the Big Game Day because anything from Tyson is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Walmart is THE destination for everything I need to create a game winning event and to ensure my guests are satisfied. I can get in and out quickly plus get everything that I need. You can spend less time cooking and shopping and more time talking football when you go with Tyson at Walmart.

Along with the products I used, you can also find Jimmy Dean® Roll Sausage, Tyson® Crispy Chicken Strips, Tyson® Individually Frozen Chicken, and Ball Park® Frozen Pulled Pork. All of these amazing products would be perfect for creating delicious snack hacks for Game Day. Find all of your favorites in the frozen foods aisle, and enjoy your very own table top tailgate.



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