Fall Back to School with Snack Pack®

Fall Back to School with Snack Pack

Fall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFunThis post is sponsored by Snack Pack® via Mode Media.

We have been back to school for a few weeks now and we are still working on getting into our everyday routine. This means that we are still figuring out lunches, snacks and more.

We always grocery shop with our kids. We do this because we want them to know what they are eating and we want them to have a hand in what they choose. They get to make several of their own choices and this past shopping trip, each one of them picked a different Snack Pack® Pudding Cup flavor: one got chocolate, one got vanilla and the other picked butterscotch. It was definitely going to be a pudding kind of week.

Fall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFunFall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFunOUR SNACK PACK PICNIC

We wanted to get a little exercise in on the weekend so we decided to go hiking and have an end-of-summer snack picnic.  Snack Pack® Pudding Cups definitely start with a spoonful of fun. However we added a fun twist to our snack and used pretzel rods to dip into the pudding cups on our trail picnic. We still had spoons but that salty pretzel definitely complimented the sweet taste of the pudding.

Chocolate and pretzels? Yes please! My kids and I absolutely loved this snack. In fact, we had it again the next day after school and they have asked for it several times since.

Fall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFun Fall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFun Fall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFun

As you can see from the pictures, the kids sat on rocks to have our picnic. Snack Pack® Pudding Cups are so portable and make it easy to snack on the go. They don't require refrigeration so you can eat them at anytime. Snack Pack® Pudding Cups are such a great snack that we stocked up to always have some on hand in our pantry.

Fall Back to School with Snack Pack® Pudding Cups #SpoonfulofFun


This back to school season take a moment to slow down and enjoy a tasty and fun treat with the kids. Snack Pack® comes a variety of flavors and offers endless mix-in opportunities the kids can help prepare. Each serving of Snack Pack® is fortified with as much calcium as an 8-oz glass of milk,* so you can feel good about serving your kids Snack Pack®. For mix-in inspiration, visit Snack Pack® on Pinterest and Facebook.

*All Snack Pack products contain 30% DV calcium, with the exception of Bakery Shop Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Pudding, and Snack Pack Gels.


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  1. Your kids are adorable. We’ve also been back to school for a few weeks now. My kids love pudding for their after school snack. They eat it plain and sometimes with cookies. I will check out their mix-in inspiration for more ideas.

  2. Chocolate pudding cups and pretzel rods (though not necessarily combined) are two of my favorite snacks!

    Unfortunately, there’s not a pretzel rod to be found in all of Denmark, just those lame little pretzel twigs 🙁 And no pre-made pudding cups either… not even pudding mix, the only way to get it is to make it from scratch.

    I’m feeling homesick.

  3. My kids loved when they had these in their lunches at school. I love that it doesn’t require refrigeration for storage for in their lunch boxes as well. I know as adults my kids still love these pudding packs!

  4. Mmm, I would love to have pretzels with chocolate pudding! We actually just bought a few Snack Pack pudding packages this morning when we did our back to school shopping. I’ll pick up some pretzel rods to go with it for the first day back!

  5. Dee

    Pudding snack was a childhood stable in our house growing up. We use to get the small wooden sticks to stick in the pudding and put them in the freezer so that we can have frozen pops.

  6. Thanks for sharing this idea. My kids just started their school today and I want them to try new healthy snacks for lunch. I’ve never tried Snack pack before, looks delicious and healthy. Perfect to eat with strawberry

  7. These are great for on-the-go or for packing in lunches. They are portable and durable in your bag (IE they don’t break open and cause a big mess) We like to hike so we would take them on a hike! I like the idea of dipping pretzel sticks into it! Great idea.

  8. I love the idea to eat the pudding with pretzels to give it some crunch and fill up the kids’ tummies better! We took a long road trip last summer and prepackaged snacks like this were a staple for us. They are so easy to pass out and every one is quiet and happy for a few minutes!!

  9. I am a snack pack fan FO LIFE. I have about 5 packs of these in my pantry right now. Of course they are out of reach of the little ones or else they would be gone in one day.

  10. I love chocolate pudding cups as an after school snack! Now why did I never think to pair them with pretzel rods?! The sweet and salty combination would be awesome. I’ll have to pick some up!

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