The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My mother started buying Country Crock when I was a kid and I immediately loved it. My Ukrainian grandmother used to get this amazing black bread that I can't find anywhere but seriously loved. This bread was moist but very dense. It was oblong with a dark crust and less dark inside.

Once we found Country Crock, a piece of that black bread with a Country Crock spread is about the most perfect snack in the world. The Country Crock spreads right on without tearing the bread right from the refrigerator. And it always reminds me of my grandmother.

Country Crock Country Fresh Taste OriginalABOUT COUNTRY CROCK

The secret about Country Crock’s new Simple Recipe formula is out! Now you can save time AND make amazing meals with the real ingredients of Country Crock. Share your favorite tried and true recipe made better with Country Crock.

Country Crock’s enriched recipe is a great time saving alternative in your favorite recipes because it has wholesome ingredients to give your favorite recipes a boost and taste great. Now you can skip all the extra ingredients without skimping on flavor with the new Country Crock Simple Recipe spread.

Country Crock’s real taste comes from real ingredients so make the most out of meal time by having more fun eating dinner with your family and less time making it.

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich


When my husband and I first started dating we discovered a mutual love of grilled cheese sandwiches. We knew that the ultimate in comfort food for us was a grilled cheese sandwich.

What makes Country Crock’s new Simple Recipe formula perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches are two things. First, the spreadability of it. It goes on easily without tearing the bread. If you like grilled cheese then you would know that tearing your bread makes for a messy sandwich and a harder to clean pan.

For the grilled cheese at the top of this post we substituted our butter with Country Crock. We used a 7 grain bread, half piece of Kraft Singles and half piece of Low Fat Cabot Cheddar  cheese. Spread Country Crock on 2 pieces of bread, put one piece of bread (spread side down) into a heated pan with a pat of Country Crock. Quickly cover that piece of bread with both cheeses and place the second piece of bread (spread side facing you). Heat until brown and cheese has melted.

For our kids sandwiches, we use two pieces of Nature's Own Wheat bread and spread Country Crock onto each piece. Add pat of Country Crock to pan while heating to medium. Put one piece of bread (spread side down) and put a Kraft Single on the piece of bread. Place other piece of bread on top and flip when the cheese starts to melt. Brown each side of the bread evenly and you are done!

Country Crock Country Fresh Taste Original

What I especially like about Country Crock’s new Simple Recipe formula is the added real taste to our meals and treats without any extra guilt. My entire family wishes we could find that bread again. If we do, it will have Country Crock’s new Simple Recipe formula spread right on it.

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