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More About Stacie and Her Family

I am borderline ridiculous a nickname freak when it comes to my family. I have nicknames for everybody and many times each person has numerous nicknames.  Some embarrassing. Some appropriate. Almost always silly but most of them are pretty catchy.

This has worked well for me when I forget people's names because I can accurately describe them: Glasses guy with furry back, etc. 😉 One day, my husband and I tried to write down all of the nicknames that we had for everyone. When coming up with the list, we realized that I had no nicknames. I was Stacie, Mommy, Mama but not much else.

This greatly disturbed my 4 year old daughter, Annabella a.k.a. Bella Boo, Boosky, Bella Wella, Chiquetita, Diva, Princess, Smartypants, Sassypants, Fancypants…I am sure that you get it.

She immediately said, “We will call you Miss Mommy.” Ok I thought, not bad. Then she said, “You could be Divine Miss Mommy.” My husband a.k.a King Daddy, Senor Bambini (don't ask), JasCon, Rock Star (of the Guitar Hero and Band in a Box kind) and I looked at each other.

Where the heck had a 4 year old heard the word divine? I also like Bette Midler so I am kind of digging it. Then she came up with Queen Mommy. I am not feeling that one so much but Annabella likes it so we added it to the list as well. Although if I had to come up with my own nicknames, they would be something like:

Detector of unidentified substances or stains (I challenge anyone)

Fierce wiper of snot

Picker of boogies

Great explorer of the pacifier abyss

Finder of lost, random toy parts

Unplugger of TP and toy filled toilets

List Maker (this is an OCD thing gone wrong-I have lists for everything)

We are a family of six. My husband, Jason and I have three children, Huntly age 5 (almost 6)- Baby H, Geegs & GeeGee (hard G-he made this noise a lot as a baby), G shock, Baby Bear; Annabella, age 4 (not even close to 5 but she sure likes to tell people she is) & Laurel, age 1 (almost 2) – Rufie (not the drug, Annabella named her this in utero), RueRue, The Ruester, Princess Poops-a-lotta, Scrappy. My mother also lives with us. Oh yeah and Buckley the dog.

I spend every moment of every day trying to be worthy of the pedestal that my family places me on. I'll admit it, I always wanted to be worshipped. But wanting to be worshipped and being worshipped are two completely different things. Wouldn't it be nice to live up to my name? 🙂 I am so not worthy of the total adoration of my family but I absolutely love it. I am humbled by it. Truly!

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