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7 Summertime Grilling Tips

We are grill lovers in this household. On any given night of the week, you will most likely find us grilling out  and on other nights we are most likely shopping for things to grill out on the other nights. Our grill gets a workout. Now yours can too if you utilize some of these grilling tips that will definitely enhance your grilling experience.


1. Put it all out there.

Very often, our entire meal is make on the grill. Think twice if you find yourself using the stove or microwave while grilling out. I found myself microwaving a can of corn while my husband was grilling one night. I stopped almost immediately, made a packet out of aluminum foil and tossed it on the grill with everything else. The flavor was amazing and definitely one of the hits of the evening.

 2. Different woods. Different flavors.

Experiment with different woods. Once your natural briquette has coals (it burned down to embers), you can use flavoring chips like Applewood, Cherry or Mesquite. We soak our chips in water and then throw them on the grill to create smoke which adds flavor. Don't be afraid to experiment with wood to add different flavors and dimensions to your grilling.

 3. Season before cooking

We season everything beforehand rather than while it is cooking. This lets the seasons dissolve and really provides an even flavor to your meat. Seasoning once the meat is on the grill could leave a lot of flavor on your grill rather than on your food.

4. Utilize those racks.

If you are cooking several meats at one time, use those racks as a holding area for meats that will be cooked at a lower temperature or for the things that cook quickly.
Specialty racks are also a good idea. We have wire baskets for shrimp and veggies, porcelain racks for roasts and chicken, a grill wok and more. There are lots of accessories that can complete enhance your grilling experience.

 5. Let it rest.

I take the food out about 20 minutes before cooking so that the food is not refrigerator temperature. It cooks faster this way.
I also food rest 5-10 after cooking so that the meat relaxes. This is especially true with steaks. Letting steaks relax with help them hold their juice and produces a much better steak.

6. Leave it alone.

To get a good sear, you need to leave the meat alone. Don't move the meat around too much or you will never get those good grill marks and you might mess it up. Once you grill out a few times, you will learn how long it takes for things to cook. Give the meat time to cook properly and you will be much happier with the results.

7. Clean your grill regularly.

Let your grill stay hot and then hit it with your grill brush. Nothing tastes worse than a freshly cooked steak that tastes like last week's chicken. Cleaning regularly is crucial for great tasting food.

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  1. Love this, Stacie! I love Applegate Farms and great to know they have a new all-beef hot dog product! I only eat all-beef hot dogs. Great tips too, thanks!

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