SPONSORED VIDEO: Clairol Root Touch Up by Nice ‘n Easy - Roots Have Met Their Match - Divine Lifestyle

SPONSORED VIDEO: Clairol Root Touch Up by Nice ‘n Easy – Roots Have Met Their Match

Clairol Root Touch-upLooking your best has never been easier, right? Well not always. If you are like me, then you probably need a little help to look your best. I think that most people would agree that we want to look our best but most of us don't always have the time to do it every single day.

A little makeup. Nice clothes. Maybe some highlights or something to cover up those roots. We’ve all been there—getting ready for a party, work event or date, and realizing those pesky roots are starting to show. In an ideal world we’d run to the salon, our amazing stylist would work their magic and we’d be good to go with plenty of time to spare. That is just not my life.

But when time is of the essence, I’ve got a not-so-secret weapon—Root Touch Up by Nice ‘n Easy. This stuff is amazing, quick and absolutely perfect for a quick pick-me-up.
With a colorist-inspired Precise Application System, including an ergonomically engineered brush and a redesigned bowl for superior blending, you’ll be able to cover those roots in just 10 minutes. And voila! Looking and feeling your best has never been easier.
Check out the video:

This post is sponsored by Clairol.

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