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Cooking in the Kitchen

Kids Cooking

(You never know when a food fight might break out, I always keep a “mom eye” on them.)

My husband has always had a love of cooking. I like a good meal. We are clearly the perfect match.

Although I do enjoy cooking the occasional meal, I really love to bake. I love making gifts of food for people around the holidays. For years, I have made homemade cookies, cakes and fudge during the holiday season.

Getting the Kids Involved

I especially like to bake with my children. I think that having the kids in the kitchen can be and is so much fun. They just love all of us being together and coming up with cool things to try out for our family.

My daughter pores through my cooking magazines and then reads recipes before she decides what we should try next. My son then helps her come up with the shopping list. Then we decide who we are going to cook for.

Family Cooking Class

Over the summer, we took a family cooking class to learn how to bake things from scratch. Although we love to bake together, often times we use mixes or a combination of things, but rarely make things 100% from scratch. All of that was about to change.

The fabulous part about this class was my kids discovering that baking requires both math and science, which all three of them love. So now we get to cook in the kitchen together plus brush up on our organizational skills (making the list) plus throw in a little science and math in there.

Then we get to have fun together and make something delicious.

We love being in the kitchen together even more after our cooking class. The hardest part now is deciding what to make when we cook together. The list is growing of the things that we want to try next.

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