All the Fun in Orlando on a Budget Tips and Tricks
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All the Fun in Orlando on a Budget

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Thrifty Travelers Rejoice! Your Guide to Budget-Friendly Orlando

Orlando, Florida is the Theme Park Capitol of the World, and one place most people like to visit over and over again. The hospitality industry offers a lot of cheap hotels, so you can save your money for the entertainment. Many of the inexpensive hotels are all suites, where you get a fully-equipped kitchen to lower you vacation costs even more by preparing your own food. Sites like Expedia will help you find all the hotel deals and entertainment discounts available in Orlando. It really is possible to enjoy all of Orlando on a Budget.

Orlando for the Budget-Minded THEME PARK RESORTS

Many of the major theme parks in Orlando have their own hotels and resort facilities for guests. They offer packages and discounts but even with these it can be expensive. You can find a great hotel for a fraction of the cost that is not connected to any resort. They offer all the same amenities and conveniences as well as transportation to and from the major theme parks. Some of the all-suite hotels offer laundry service and a free hot or cold breakfast. Other facilities you may need are free parking if you plan to rent a car, and entertainment at the hotel such as a game room, swimming pool or playground. Once you determine your requirements, you should call ahead to find the hotel that meets your needs.

Universal Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Orlando on a BudgetQUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON

Most of the major theme parks want to provide less expensive accommodation for people who may not be able to afford the rates at a theme park resort. They have created networks with other hotels called Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotels, SeaWorld Orlando Hotel Partners and Universal Partner Hotels that offer high-quality accommodation at reduced prices. You can be sure of getting a good room and amenities if you select one of these hotels, because they are required to meet standards set by the theme park resorts. These hotels also have perks that you won’t get at other hotels such as a free shuttle to the theme parks, early entry into the theme park, discounts for the restaurants and souvenir shops. You can also purchase your theme park tickets in the hotel and avoid the long lines at the entrance. To become a partner hotel to a major theme park, the hotel must be AAA approved and have regular inspections. These hotels range from two to five star hotels including budget hotels or luxury resorts that have multiple swimming pools, tennis and volleyball courts, markets, game rooms and more.


Vacation rentals help reduce the cost of accommodation as well as food for a family on a budget. You can get a condo with three bedrooms for a fraction of the price of a hotel room and single rooms may be well under $100 per night. Most offer free Internet access, fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, swimming pools and some even offer free breakfast and housekeeping.


Orlando, like many tourist spots, has peak and off-peak seasons. The off season, from late August to mid-October, offers the lowest hotel rates. Aim for school times for fewer crowds. Consider booking hotels upon arrival for better last-minute deals. Enjoy exploring Orlando without breaking the bank with these budget-friendly tips.


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  1. Erika C.

    This is a great informative post. We usually try to book hotels where they have continental breakfast. Its so convenient that many hotels offer this.

  2. Orlando is a place that we will absolutely be back to (hello Disney!) and we aren’t always the best at mapping out vacation savings. I checked out Hipmunk and it looks helpful and promising. Tucking this one away for later!

  3. I never realized that resorts partnered with outside hotels. I loved that I can get a great room without having to pay quite as much as I would at one of the resorts.

  4. Pam

    We haven’t been to Orlando in forever. It’s a great option for family travel.

  5. Orlando makes an amazing family vacation destination! I appreciate the money saving tips, especially since visiting would mean flying five people across the country.

  6. I have not been to Orlando in what seems like forever! It is hard vacationing with a family on a small budget but these are fantastic options.

  7. We like to stay on resort property and utilize their transportation system. It’s so much easier to get around when you don’t have to worry about traffic and parking.

  8. This looks like so much fun, I want to go to Orlando! I think it would be great way to make memories with my trio!

  9. nicole escat

    I never been in Orlando and this is one of my bucket list. Such a beautiful place for a vacation

  10. Thanks for the great tips on staying in such a fun place.
    My family has been to WDW a number of times, as well as Universal Studios. This information will come in handy.

  11. I would love to take my kids to Orlando. I will definitely need a budget when I go.

  12. It would be delightful to have a great place to stay when visiting Orlando. I’ll be sure to look into this next time I plan a trip to Florida.

  13. Perfect timing! I live in the Orlando area, but will be at Disney for 3 days for work and need something close by the parks. Thanks

  14. We have done both resort hotels and rentals in Orlando and I love renting a place offsite. It’s great if visiting different parks especially.

  15. Crystal

    I went to year-round school as a kid so we always did our vacationing in October. It’s still my favorite time of year to travel since it’s off-season most places.

  16. Kim Croisant

    Yep, next time we go, we will definitely need to watch the budget and probably need to stay somewhere cheaper than the 5 star hotels. Thanks for info here – I’m sure others will love to have this info too.

  17. Tracey

    This post is so helpful! We are wanting to travel to Orlando but are on a tight budget.

  18. I am thinking about taking my family to Walt Disney World this spring break. I would love to do it on a budget. Thanks for sharing!

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