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Speechless Sundays – Hiding in Plain Sight

We went to the library so the kids could check out some books. Like they really need more books but this is their chance to pick out books for themselves. As we were getting ready to head out of the library, my six year old yelled “Stop!” I didn't move. He then told me that he and his sister wanted to hide so that I could find them. Huntly is very creative and imaginative. I walked outside to find them “hiding.”


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  1. I can’t find them anywher! I’m stumped! I am over from the FMC:)

  2. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting

    OMG they are too cute!!!

  3. So funny.They are blending in.

  4. Olympic gold medal hiders! Fabulous!

    ~ ICLW

  5. I just found your blog. I love it! I loved your mom logic too! It’s amazing how different our lives turn out then how we thought they would.

  6. Debra P

    They are wonderful kids. Such great imagination. You must have so much fun with them. Kids truly are a blessing!

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