Fun Babysitting Activities
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Fun Babysitting Activities

Fun Babysitting Activities

A toddler daycare center is more than just where kids spend time while their parents are off to work. These institutions play an essential role in children's early childhood development. From mastering socializing skills to learning to follow a schedule, a toddler daycare center imparts some crucial skills. It’s no secret that young kids often lack the patience and attention span to sit still for long. That’s why it’s important to help them learn through play. In this post, we’re sharing ideas that will keep the kids entertained and get their creative juices flowing. Take a look. We hope that this Fun Babysitting Activities post inspires you. 

Fun Babysitting Activities

Fun Babysitting Activities

Drawing & Painting

Drawing and painting may be messy, but it’s one of the best ways to encourage kids to express themselves. Along with teaching kids to draw and paint, this is also an opportunity to help them learn about tidying up. You can easily get your hands on all kinds of art supplies. Make sure you get art smocks or aprons that kids can wear to protect their clothing from stains. Additionally, consider providing them with a dog drawing guide to spark their creativity and inspire them to create beautiful artwork.

Soap Making

While painting is quite fun, it may not be enough to grab older kids’ attention. If you are looking to level up activities at your daycare, we suggest trying soap making. And don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with lye. You should stock up on melt-and-pour soap along with other soap-making supplies. Trust us, the kids will be incredibly fascinated by this activity.

Dress Up & Role Play

Get a few costumes and props for the daycare, which can be used for role-play. Dressing up in costumes and taking on a character is not only entertaining but also encourages kids to interact with each other. This activity can easily keep them busy for hours.

8 Fun Activity Ideas To Keep Kids Occupied at Daycare

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Freeze Dance

Whether you have run out of art supplies or you’re looking for a last-minute idea, freeze dance is just the activity for your daycare. All you need to do is play music and ask everyone to dance. The only rule is ‘freezing’ when the music stops. In addition to much-needed physical activity, the kids will surely enjoy laughing their hearts out.

Scavenger Hunt

Kids are often reluctant to try something new. But if you add a prize to the mix, they will likely be more excited. And that’s why scavenger hunts are a great idea! You can hide little prizes throughout the daycare and give them clues. Doing this activity develops problem-solving skills in children. Moreover, you can divide them into teams to teach them communication and teamwork.

Sensory Play

Sensory play involves activities that stimulate a child’s senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. From sandboxes to sound tubes, there are several ways to incorporate sensory play.

8 Fun Activity Ideas To Keep Kids Occupied at Daycare

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Cooking is an effective way to teach a wide range of skills to kids. While they may be too young to put together a complete meal, you can ask them to help you with their next snack. From assembling a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich to plating snacks, assigning them such tasks can be a confidence booster. Moreover, this is also a chance to teach them about nutrition and healthy eating.


With so much technology around, today’s kids may not find storybooks interesting. But you can change their mind with storytelling. Every week pick a story and read it aloud to all the kids. Afterward, you can encourage them to make up their own stories and share them with everyone. Storytelling instills listening skills, fosters imagination, and improves communication skills.

Play is fundamental to a child’s early education. Hopefully, the above-mentioned activities help children at your daycare learn through play. We hope that this Fun Babysitting Activities post inspires you. Happy playing!

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