Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies Chicken Nuggets for Kids

Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies

Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHack Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHack

This Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHack post sponsored by Mirum. Opinions are 100% my own.

Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHack

Now that school is in full swing, our house is snack central some days. The kids get home from school at different times due to various activities but one thing always remains the same. The second any of our three kids walk through the door, their first stop is the kitchen. I want my kids to be able to fuel up when they get home so that they can start homework, head to practice for one of their activities or any of the multitude of things they do each week. We hope that you enjoy this Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHack post.

I don't want to worry about what my kids are snacking on so I make certain to have everything that they need ready in the freezer when they get home so that they can make whatever they want. These means stocking our freezer with things that I know they will eat. They love Dino Buddies.

Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHackSmarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHackDino Buddies

Dino Buddies is the perfect snack as it is convenient (as close as your own freezer) and nutritionally balanced. I love be able to give my kids something they love and that I can feel good about them eating. Dino Buddies offers their classic dinosaur-shaped nuggets and their back to school-friendly alphabet-shaped nuggets plus more ensuring that there is always something that your kids love. 

Our quick hack for healthy snacks to make certain that there are always frozen veggies available for the kids. A quick minute or two in the microwave and a dash of teriyaki makes for broccoli that my kids love. I know that they are getting their veggies in plus something they love with Dino Buddies.

Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHackSmarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHackSmarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHackBuy Dino Buddies today!

Yummy Dino Buddies comes in 5 kid-approved varieties: 

  • Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Breast Nuggets
  • Alphabet-Shaped Chicken Breast Nuggets
  • Chicken Breast Mini Nuggets
  • Chicken Breast Mini Fries
  • Maple Waffle Chicken Breast Nuggets

Get social with Dino Buddies

Visit the Yummy Dino Buddies Facebook page where your child can meet the Dino plus they will find fun content like coloring pages and quizzes. We purchased our Dino Buddies at  Sprouts right near our house, but you could also find them at Costco, Target and Kroger.

Facebook  |  Find Dino Buddies near you

Smarter Snacking with Dino Buddies #YummyDinoBuddies #BackToRoutine #SnackHackWhat tips and tricks do you have for meal time now that kids are back to school?

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  1. How much fun are these! My daughters would love these – I can see making a huge couple of trays of these at a kid’s birthday party for everyone – they children would have so much fun spelling out their names or anything that makes them all laugh!

  2. A few of these Dino Buddies and some veggies does sound like it could be a good snack. Kids can be so hungry after school and practice.

  3. Brenda Kight

    These are so cute. I never know what to fix for the grand kids when they come to visit. I think they will love these.

  4. Amy

    We love Yummy Dino Buddies here too! They are the BEST chicken nuggets ever!! I love how crispy they get!

  5. OMG how fun! I love dinosaurs and always love quick snacks. I love that they made them into letters – so much fun in that!

  6. These are sooo fun! I need to pick up some Dino Buddies Alphabet Chicken Nuggets the next time I go grocery shopping! My kids would love them!

  7. Kathy

    These look like so much fun. I bet my daughters would love that they have letters. I’ll have to look for them when I go to the store next.

  8. These are so fun! My twins are just learning their letters. They would have a blast eating these. 

  9. Sherry

    I know I’m an adult and shouldn’t play with my food but these Dino Buddies make me want to. Where were these when my kids were young? They would have loved them.

  10. My three year old daughter loves Dino nuggets and we haven’t had the alphabet variety at home since she’s been learning letters at preschool. She would have so much fun with these! I’m buying a bag today so I can give her meals themed with the letter she is learning each week. CUTE!

  11. I don’t care how old you get Dino nuggets are the bomb! I love these little chicken nuggets they’re so good.

  12. krystal

    These are my favorite. They had them out for samples the last time I shopped. So fun and tasty!

  13. I love these Dino Buddies. Playing with food: ALLOWED! What a yum treat.

  14. Alexandra

    This would be great for a kids birthday party! Such a fun snack! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. These are so much fun! I remember seeing dino shaped chicken nuggets a long time ago, but these? These are terrific and I am sure the kids will love them.

  16. They look like the kind of thing my kids would certainly enjoy for a quick and easy dinner option! I love that they are 100% all natural too, as food should be.

  17. These nuggets sound great! I love how fun they are for the kiddos!

  18. I love it. You can play word find with your lunch.

  19. These are so cute and you can get be tricky and get some spelling lessons in!

  20. Great for afterschool! What a cute snack option for the little ones!

  21. We’re very familiar with the dinosaur shaped nuggets they make, but I haven’t seen the letters before. I think I like those even more.

  22. I know the kids would love these nuggets. Such a great idea.

  23. I have had these before. They are actually pretty good!

  24. eli

    Yum I’m in my twenties and I would probably still love to eat these haha. Looks like a great snack

  25. we arent big on processed chicken (my son wont ever eat chicken nuggets, he prefers wings and drumsticks!). but these sound like a great option

  26. That is so much fun! My kids will love these too!

  27. I just saw Dino Buddies in the store today! I’ve always liked to have things like this on hand in the freezer. This would have been a perfect snack in our house back when my oldest was in school.

  28. Veronica

    I love having healthy snacks ready for when my son gets home from school. This looks great. 

  29. Courtney

    Omg how cute are these nuggets!!! My daughter would love them! Must pick a box up!

  30. Its such a shame you ant get them here in the UK – looks like a great snack and love the alphabet letters!

  31. Those chicken fingers look super fun and educational. Your little girl must of had a blast eating them.

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