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Lobsterfest is BACK at Red Lobster

Red Lobster Lobsterfest

This is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is in between cool and hot. The sun is shining all of the time although we do have the occasional spring shower. AND….IT'S LOBSTERFEST at Red Lobster.

Lobster just happens to be one of my most favorite things to eat ever! I really love lobster and so does my family. We love grilling it at home but I especially love going to Red Lobster for Lobsterfest.

Since my daughter brought home all A's from school, she picked Red Lobster for her special dinner so that is where we headed.

Lobsterfest Menu Red Lobster


Lobsterfest is going on now and for a limited time at Red Lobster and is the one time of year guests can choose from the largest variety of lobster dishes on the menu. Check out those amazing dishes above! LOTS AND LOTS of lobster to choose from. I didn't even look inside the menu once I saw all of these lobster dishes.

Lobsterfest is Red Lobster’s best and most celebratory limited time special so hurry in while Lobsterfest is still happening for a limited time.


Red Lobster is the world's largest seafood restaurant company with over 700 restaurants in the United States and Canada. Red Lobster serves guests freshly prepared seafood at reasonable prices in a lively, contemporary seaside atmosphere.

Red Lobster offers lobster options on virtually every page of the menu at a broad range of price points so guests can enjoy lobster no matter what the occasion. Red Lobster sources its lobster from Maine and Canada and other types of seafood from over 20 countries around the world

Lobsterfest Red Lobster 3


Lobster Lover’s Dream® – A succulent rock lobster tail and sweet split Maine lobster tail, roasted and served with lobster-and-shrimp linguini Alfredo. {This was my absolute favorite and is pictured above. The lobster was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing. The lobster-and-shrimp linguini was absolutely delicious}

Dueling Lobster Tails – two Maine lobster tails, one roasted and topped with tender shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce, the other golden-baked with crab-and-seafood stuffing.

Rock Island Stuffed Tilapia – Fresh tilapia roasted with crab-and-seafood stuffing and topped with Maine lobster meat in a creamy lobster butter sauce.

Lobsterfest Red Lobster 4


Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon – A Maine lobster tail, jumbo shrimp skewer and fresh Atlantic salmon, wood-grilled and finished with brown butter.

Roasted Maine Lobster Bake – Roasted split petite Maine lobster tails tossed in a white wine and garlic-butter sauce, roasted with corn and potatoes. {My daughter got this entree as pictured above. The lobster was succulent and delicious. The corn and potatoes were a nice touch. This is very similar to what we would expect to find in Maine.}

Lobster Scampi Linguini – Succulent Maine lobster meat over a bed of linguini in a white wine and garlic-scampi sauce.


New cocktail – Lobster Punch – available exclusively during Lobsterfest. This refreshing limited edition specialty drink features Malibu Red, pineapple juice and mango passion fruit mix, topped with Myers’s Dark Rum. The drink is served in a commemorative Red Lobster mason jar that is available for purchase.

Lobsterfest Red Lobster 9


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  1. nicole dziedzic

    The Dueling Lobster Tails and the creamy garlic sauce look like a winner to me, i love there biscuits. Great pictures!

  2. Rebecca Orr

    Mmmmm….I love lobster! I have not been to Red Lobster in years (thanks to a hubby who hates seafood!). I think I need a girls day with my cousin so we can indulge!

  3. RoBin Masshole Mommy

    I think I can hear lobster lovers everywhere cheering right now! This sounds like a great deal!

  4. Oh my hubby will be happy! He loves his lobster fest. We haven’t been to red lobster in quite a while though! I don’t eat sea food but I go too for those biscuits!

  5. My son will be so excited about lobsterfest. The Lobster Lover’s Dream sounds like an awesome meal. Yum!

  6. Pam

    I love Red Lobster. Lobsterfest is the best time to go and eat there.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    Red Lobster has amazing food. We like to go there on special occasions.

  8. I have not been to Red Lobster in ages! I think I’ll have to correct that.

  9. Catherine S

    My son is always happy when they have LobsterFest. He will want to go every weekend.

  10. Wow, that looks so good. I have not had lobster in a long time.

  11. How is it that I just ate dinner but your post is making me hungry?! I love seafood and it has been far too long since I visited Red Lobster!

  12. I haven’t been to red Lobster in a while, but it looks like I need to be going soon

  13. Lobsterfest is one of the most favorite times to stop in! We can’t get enough of those tails. We don’t need a big celebration to treat ourselves

  14. Yum, everything looks delicious. I’m getting hungry just reading this. I love seafood and lobster is my absolute favorite!

  15. My husband just loves Lobsterfest! I don’t really do seafood, but I do come along anyway because their biscuits are to die for!

  16. I am totally craving Lobster right now! I need to make my way to a Red Lobster and dive in..but I dont wanna pick my own lobster that part has always been kind of morbid to me. I am also going for the biscuits!

  17. I have always wanted to go to Red Lobster but never have. After seeing this, I might finally pull the trigger and go!

  18. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    I would totally order the Lobster Scampi. I’m not sure we have a Red Lobster near our new house, I’ll have to search!

  19. Mmm, that Lobster’s Lovers Dream platter looks delicious! I haven’t been to Red Lobster in a while. Time for a trip back to take advantage of Lobsterfest!

  20. I love Lobster. Can’t go wrong with enjoying lobster during Lobsterfest at Reb Lobsters.

  21. I love lobster! I’ll have to make a trip to Red Lobster soon.

  22. I love Red Lobster. I wish we had one closer. When I lived in Ok I went all the time. Now that I am in MI the closest one is a bit of a drive. So sad.

  23. We love lobster! Our last lobster moment at Red Lobster- I can never have enough lobster

  24. Rosey

    The last time we went they asked my son if he wanted to touch the lobsters in the tank. I thought he was going to faint (he said no thank you). hahahah I love their fettucini.

  25. Whoa the Red Lobster Fest does look “lobsterworthy” for sure! I can’t even remember the last time I had lobster. Time to stop in at Red Lobster!

  26. Carly Brydon

    Can you believe I’ve still never been to a red lobster??? The food looks amazing!

  27. Debbie Denny

    Gosh I love lobster. I will have to go.

  28. mm we love lobster.. and red lobster is right around the corner from us. May have to make a weekend trip..

  29. Lobsterfest is the best! Red Lobster has always been one of my favorite seafood restaurants, and I always make sure to hit it when Lobsterfest rolls around.

  30. I love lobsterfest! I don’t usually get it but when I do it’s incredible! It has seriously been forever since I’ve had lobster now that I think about it! YUM!

  31. Ronda

    Thank you for the reminder! I love Lobster fest at Red Lobster! I know where I’m going this weekend!!

  32. I wish there was a Red Lobster closer to me. This LobsterFest is calling my name!

  33. Our anniversary is Thursday and Red Lobster is my Hubs favorite place to go. I know he doesn’t know Lobster Fest is back so I will just have to surprise him.

  34. Who doesn’t love Lobster Fest? Oh, and those cheddar biscuits are to die for! Thanks for making me hungry….

  35. You know, the wife and I have never beed to Red Lobster. Maybe just finally having a date night again next week is “lobsterworthy” and a good enough excuse to go 🙂

  36. I really like lobster but can you believe I’ve never been in a Red Lobster before? We just don’t have it in Canada!

  37. We love Red Lobster but haven’t been in a while. Their food is always so good and never disappoints.

  38. It is so hard to find a good lobster restaurant in the UK – and I live in Southampton and so you’d think I would have at least one nearby! I would love to come to Lobsterfest, my boys would have a blast!

  39. Oooh yummy! Looking at those pictures, its making me hungry! Now this preggy mama wants to visit this hot spot.

  40. Jennifer Ashley

    Yum! I love lobster and that lobster lover’s dream looks amazing! Plus you know it’s coming with cheddar bay biscuits… mmmm!

    Jennifer Ashley

  41. In life there are lots of big questions to ponder. Today I’m wondering if I sneak out and enjoy Lobsterfest by myself or if I bring the whole family. Maybe I’ll just go twice.

  42. Yum! I love lobster, but rarely make it myself. I need to take my husband over.

  43. This post is making me hungry for Red Lobster! I love the dual tails combo!

  44. I love Red Lobster! Yum! Can’t wait to go for lobsterfest!

  45. I love everything about Red Lobster – from the salad to the delicious Pina Colada drinks. My husband and I make it a point to visit there at least once a month.

  46. Ronni

    My daughter in law works at Red Lobster. I’m kind of spoiled because she often brings home some fantastic dinner for us. The dueling lobster tails are one of my favs!

  47. I normally thumb my nose at chain restaurants, but I love Red Lobster. The food and service is always consistently good.

  48. My family would LOVE this meal, they love any seafood they can get their hands on and Red Lobster is just awesome!

  49. I love me some Lobsterfest!! I especially love a good Lobster-rita and any kind of pasta with lobster, YUM!!

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