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Healthy Choice – Making a Difference

At this point, I am all the way through Week 4 in the I'm Getting “Better for BlogHer” with Healthy Choice challenge.


Once a day during these four weeks (with the exception of Blogher) I have replaced one meal a day with a Healthy Choice option.

Did you know that you could do this once a day for at least 90 days and still not have the same thing twice? Amazing isn't it. The choices seem endless.

Chicken. Beef. Tofu. Soup. With Healthy Choice, you can pretty much have it all.

I have been trying as many different entrees as I possibly can. It has been pretty fun because I am getting to try a lot of new things. New ingredients. New flavors. A new way of eating.

The one Healthy Choice option a day has also been pretty good for my waistline. I have lost a little weight. I feel better. I especially like knowing that at least once a day, I am eating food that is good for me.

I don't always make great choices when it comes to food. I am trying to get better about it and participating in the challenge has helped me out. A LOT.

Because I am having a Healthy Choice each day, I find myself gravitating towards healthier choices when I eat during the day. This is a good thing.

Healthy Choice is helping me make better choices when it comes to my own health.

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DISCLOSURE: Healthy Choice provided me with free product coupons and a stipend for my participation in this program.

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