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Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale {VIDEO}

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To me, being healthy is so much more than a number on a scale. In fact, for many of us on weight loss journeys or trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle, the scale is not something we even consider every day. In fact, I weigh myself usually once a week and no more than that.

Healthier living is just that: a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I want my entire body to be healthy and I want to accomplish some amazing goals this next year. I want the little things in life to transform me. I want to be able to do that crazy yoga pose I have been working on for the past few months. I want to be able to run a 5K. I want to have my favorite foods but in a much healthier version.

Weight Watchers Beyond the ScaleWeight Watchers Beyond the Scale

Weight Watchers feels the same way and that is why they have introduced their new program, Beyond the Scale. Here are a few ways that they made changes to their program.

A new SmartPoints™ plan to make healthy eating simple

I have always been a fan of the Points program at Weight Watchers because I feel that is a lifestyle that I can maintain. Now with SmartPoints you can go beyond both traditional calorie-counting and the previous Weight Watchers PointsPlus® plan.

This plan is a lifestyle plan that helps you with weight loss while changing your eating habits. You will consume less sugar and saturated fat while eating more lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. You can still have what you want in in moderation and healthier versions. SmartPoints is the plan Oprah Winfrey has been using to lose weight and eat healthier since she became a member in August.

New fitness approach that fits your busy life

I want to get active but I like to track all of my activity so I know how I am doing. FitBreak by Weight Watchers™ is a free new iPhone app giving you access to more than 70 one-minute workout videos to inspire you to move more throughout the day.

I also synced up my FitBit with the program so I can now see my activity progress as I track my food. I love having everything on the same page.

A personalized program that serves your lifestyle, goals, and challenges

Beyond the Scale is personalized and tailored exactly to your lifestyle. Take the personal assessment to get customized daily and weekly SmartPoints Targets. Set an activity goal to reach for plus find articles and advice designed to help you feel good.

Weight Watchers Goals

How does Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale work?

Weight Watchers has completely redesigned their mobile app experience. Included is Connect, a new social tool that ensures the power of the Weight Watchers community is always in the palm of your hand.

By focusing on member goals both on and off the scale, Weight Watchers offers a fresher approach to meetings including a social and motivating environment designed to make your whole life healthier.

Weight Watchers Food Weight Watchers Activities

See the video and learn more

Check back with us in a few weeks and we will share our WW progress with you.

Weight Watchers

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How do you think Beyond the Scale when it comes to a healthy lifestyle?

This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers to share my experiences. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. Their new program Beyond the Scale, a holistic approach with more ways than ever for you to personalize your program, define your success and guide you on your road to healthier living. #WWsponsored

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I live by what is on the scale. I adjust my days eating according to what the scale says.

  2. I need to learn this system. I need to learn how to eat better. I try not to look at the scale but sometimes it hard to do.

  3. I feel that eating healthy and doing more physical activity is more powerful for weight loss than counting calories and weighing yourself daily. Personally I can feel when I am losing weight, my body, mostly around my waist literally becomes lighter and I definitely notice. Weighing in daily can be so disappointing and cause you to stress, causing you to want to binge on unhealthy foods. Setting a step goal for your fitbit would be a great things to do instead of the scale weigh ins.

  4. I really want to live healthier to live longer. I will have to learn this system to loose those extra pounds that have been lingering all year.

  5. Weight watchers seems like one of those services that offers so much more than you see on the service and really seems to help people. x

  6. I really like how Weight Watchers’ new system works. Their interface is so easy to navigate and I love the social aspects!

  7. Weight Watchers really is a great program!! I love this new system and I really need to learn to stay away from the scale.

  8. I love the beyond the scale concept. Healthy encompasses so much more than just a number on the scale.

  9. Weight watchers eem to help a lot of people. I have not tried it but a friend of mine did and she’s happy with the result.

  10. Crystal Lopez

    I have not personally used Weight Watchers but have heard of some really amazing results by a lot of people. Diets that you can customize for yourself are a great way to lose weight!

  11. Weight Watchers is a great program. I just started on my journey. They really help support you.

  12. It’s so easy for folks to get hung up on the weight number. I think if you look good and feel good, that’s what matters

  13. This is a good way for us to keep track of our progress and reach our goals. Thank you for letting us know about beyond the scale.

  14. I like how Weight Watchers is incorporating more technology to make the program and progress easier to track.

  15. We really need to get into having a healthier lifestyle. It is not that easy, but we’re working on it. Good to know about what Weight Watchers has to offer.

  16. I’ve had people in my family use Weight Watchers in my family and have had nothing but good things to say. Love the personalized programs they have!

  17. What a great campaign, it’s always great to think outside of the scale. I like to see how my clothes fit better.

  18. I am instantly attracted to the personal plan package. I know its cliche but seriously I need to lose about 15 pounds for 2016!

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