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Small Talk Six – I Wanna Be a Rockstar!

The cool Small Talk Six topic for today is 6 things you think would be great about being a rockstar (or just famous in general).

Oh yeah! Now this one I can do.

Instead of my original list, I decided to go a little more indepth.

However, I still posted my original list. Just for fun! And is case Molly Maid is listening.


1. Live-in Housekeeper

2. Live-in Housekeeper

3. Live-in Housekeeper

4. Live-in Housekeeper

5. Live-in Housekeeper

6. Live-in Housekeeper


1. Live-in Housekeeper

2. The clothes shopping and personal stylists that want to dress famous people. I could really use this.

3. A Driver – I am a horrible driver and to have someone drive me around would be divine. (Sorry Karen, if you read this, that I stole yours. But I swear on my life that if I ever become a rockstar, my driver will pick you up no matter you live and take you where you want to go)

4. We would be set for life if I made sound investments  – Yeah I am a nerd like that.

5. I could have Botox and plastic surgery any time that I wanted to. Not saying that I would but just being able to would be cool.

6. Just having the safety net of money in the bank and not being able to check my bank balance before grocery shopping or buying something for myself.

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  1. Lisa Mom of 2 Boys

    Great list Stacie!

  2. The Mother

    The money to travel anywhere I want.

  3. Execumama

    Hey, you stole my list! Your first list is mine, to a T! Well, I’d change #6 to “An addition to my home that is designed perfectly and specifically to house all the clothing, shoes, and earrings that all major and minor retailers are required by the Federal government to give me 7 times per year.” That’s all; nothing major 🙂

  4. I could go for the housekeeper and #6. That is why I had to download my bank accounts to my phone. I need access at all times 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one.

  5. ellen

    Love your list- with me being older I would move #5 way up there and get sucked & tucked all over the place. That would probably blow my savings so I would probably always be going back on Tour like the old rock & roll bands until finally I am 70 and playing with the Rolling Stones in some dive!

  6. Debra P

    I love your list. I always did want to be a rockstar. It would just be a blast to get onstage and rock out with my band. Also, traveling though tiring would be cool if you had luxury transportation. And the money would be a perk!

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