6 Things About My Children That I am Proud of
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6 Things About My Children That I am Proud of – Tough to Narrow it down!

Today's Small Talk Six topic is six things about my children that I am proud of. Wow! I may have a hard time narrowing it down to six but I am sure going to try. Here goes:

1. My children request and eat healthy foods and beverages. They love milk and water. Don't get me wrong, they love soda but they treat it like a treat which makes me soooo proud. They also love vegetables and ask for them. Many different vegetables. My six year old son even says to me that he is making healthy choices. And he is.

2. My boy, Huntly. I am so proud that my oldest and only son just graduated from Kindergarten. He is becoming such a big boy and even though I wish like crazy that I could keep him little forever, I am so proud of the little boy that he is and the man that he is becoming. I have tears in my eyes writing this!

3. My baby. Laurel is the baby of our house and everyone calls her Baby. She is two so technically no longer a baby. However, Laurel had open heart surgery at four months old to correct a heart defect that she was born with. She will be my baby until the day that one of us passes away. I think that I held her for six straight months and our bond is so amazing. I am proud that she is such a trooper and is such a happy baby in spite of everything that she has been through. She does not want to be babied. She is the most independent of all three.

4. My diva, Annabella. No one is more selfish or bitchier besides my four year old daughter. She totally takes after her mother. That being said, she is also the most caring and compassionate sister that a sibling could ever ask for. Sure, they have their fights but Annabella is the first to share and even happily gives up a dessert or candy for her brother or sister. What kind of kid does that? My kid!

5. My kids love each other so much and would do anything for each other. I am proud of their sharing and their compassion. Once when my four year old was about 18 months, still sleeping in a crib, my husband had bought donuts to share with everyone as a surprise for the next morning. My son woke up early, ninja jumped climbed up on the counter to get the donuts off of the top of the fridge (yes, these are the lengths that we must go to sometimes) and brought some to his sister. He climbed into the crib and these two proceeded to eat 12, that's right a dozen donuts. Imagine what the creme-filled donuts looked like in the crib and on the walls. See how well my children share?

6. I am very proud of the manners that my children displayed. It wasn't so long ago that I was convinced that I was raising a tribe of cavemen husband included. We have really been working hard and I overheard my two older children tell my father the other day, “Geepa, we love coming to your house. Can you please have us over again soon so that we can come play with you? Oh and swim in your pool (ulterior motive?)?”

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  1. Visiting from MomDot. Sounds like you have a great way of seeing the good…and the “needs improvement.” LOL. #5 is my fav, and gives me hope that my two will also have a close, caring relationship as they both grow. If you have any tips for nurturing this, please let me know!

  2. I love that the all worked together to get more pool time and say something loving.

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