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Six Flags Kids Tickets

Wet Ones logo Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet Ones

Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet Ones

I love Wet Ones and we always have them in the house. I use them constantly and have a container in every car plus in several places around my home. I love the fact they are wipes instead of liquid which makes it so much easier for my kids to use them as well. They are great for on the go (no water needed) and they kill bacteria. Each summer we spend a lot of time at Six Flags and this is definitely one place where I always bring my Wet Ones. We just know that you will love this Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet Ones.

Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet OnesAbout Wet Ones

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are the 2-in-1 way to wipe out dirt and messes. They kill 99.99% of bacteria when soap and water aren’t available, are hypoallergenic, contain aloe and lanolin and are easy on skin for even the littlest of hands. PLUS, Wet Ones come in convenient sizes that can be used in and out of the home like discreetly tucked away into purses, brought onto airplanes, or used whenever a sink is out of reach like these:

  • 40 count canister, which is designed to fit into a standard car cup holder
  • 20 count travel packs that feature a new Wet Lock™ seal technology that is proven to help the wipes retain 15% more moisture.
  • 24 count box of individually wrapped single wipes

Wet Ones are available in mass retailers, grocery and drug stores nationwide. For more information, visit

Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet Ones Six Flags Logo

Buy Wet Ones and Get Six Flags Tickets

Now you can get a discount coupon for one FREE Six Flags kid’s ticket (up to $51.99 value) with purchase of a full price general admission ticket weekdays (Monday-Friday) or $10 off one (1) full price general admission ticket weekends (Saturday-Sunday).

Wet Ones Six Flags PinterestFollow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Wet Ones product (excluding travel and trial sizes)
  2. Head to
  3. Click Redeem Now.
  4. Enter your Name, Email and UPC code.
  5. Once you have successfully submitted your UPC code, you will get an email with your promotional ticket.

Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet Ones

Make qualifying purchase 5/1-7/15/16 (Wet Ones ® Antibacterial Hand Wipes product ` Canisters, Singles and Big Ones®; excluding 15ct & 20ct Travel Pack Sizes). Offer expires 11:59:59 AM ET on 7/15/16. Void outside of the 50 United States and DC and where prohibited. Printer required. Subject to full Terms and Conditions.

Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet OnesWin Six Flags Tickets from Wet Ones

Now you can get this Six Flags Kids Ticket Offer from Wet Ones and enter to win. One lucky reader of Divine Lifestyle will receive four (4) tickets that are valid for the 2016 operating season only. To enter, tell me why you wish you had a Wet Ones in the comments below. Use the Rafflecopter to record your entries.

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  1. Jennifer Rote

    I need Wet Ones for my grandsons sticky fingers. He keeps leaving prints on my kindle.

  2. Six Flags is always a summer staple and now that my boys are older I’m looking forward to taking them there. And of course, I will stash some Wet Wipes in my purse when we go!

  3. I love wet ones!! What a great offer for Six Flags, I know my kids would have a blast! ,

  4. Wow what a great giveaway. I wish we had one nearby, I grew up going there, I miss it! Iowa needs to get one!

  5. Awesome giveaway! I will let my best friend cousin know about this. She lives close and would love to take advantage of this offer. Her kids would be so thrilled.

  6. Giant Sis

    Wet Ones help me feel less gross when I’m in places with lots of germs!

  7. kelly tupick

    I need wet ones as they work great in a vehicle while traveling. They are great for cleaning up little messes and little sticky fingers.

  8. Kristin G

    I wish i had Wet Ones because my son loves to snack on the go. I really don’t like when kids have sticky fingers and touch everything. Wet Ones are easy to use and carry. I love cleanliness and this would ease my stress.

  9. Koddi Dunn

    With kids from 1 month to college….lets just say instead of calling me Koddi folks would know me as the Messy Mom with out WetOnes. I keep them in the car, my purse, diaper bags, book bags, and of course we buy stacks of them for Back to School. #TeamKeepEmClean ?

  10. Daniela Tapia

    Who doesn’t need Wet Ones in their diaper bag!! LOL !! I need them to take along everywhere because with lots of germs out their, keeping my girls hands clean is my major concern. But glad Wet Ones are perfect to take everywhere. 

    INSTAGRAM (@danitapia88) on @stacieinatlanta IG !!
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    • left comment on Camera Giveaway 

    FB: left comment on post about M&MS for Big time family fun via Daniela Tapia !! 

  11. Kathy

    I would love to go to Six Flags sometime. I’ve never been able to go yet. I also do love Wet Ones. They’re great for all kinds of messes.

  12. Jennifer Rote

    These would be great when we go out for ice cream.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia

    I always have Wet Wipes on hand. This is a great deal. My kids would love to go to Six Flags.

  14. I haven’t been to Six Flags in ages. I am about due for a road trip. I carry Wet Ones in the car because life happens. LOL

  15. I love Wet Ones. This is such a great deal. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. natasha Lamoreux

    I use them all the time and keep some in my car for my kiddie cleanups.

  17. Rebecca Swenor

    This is indeed a great giveaway and I will have to share this with all my friends along with family. Six Flags is indeed fun for the whole family. Wet Ones are an amazing wipe and I have always had a container in my car for the oops slips extra.

  18. Kendall

    Six Flags is soo fun! I love season passes – they really pay for themselves even if you only go once! There’s things to do for all ages also which is the best part.

  19. Jennifer Rote

    Wish I had Wet Ones after the grandson eats a chocolate donut.

  20. I buy Wet Ones all the time because they have so many uses. It’s great that we can get a free ticket to Six Flags just for buying something that we need anyways.

  21. Terra Heck

    I wish I had Wet Ones, to clean our hands and face when we are tent camping. Thanks.

  22. Jennifer Rote

    I need Wet Ones at the grocery store to wipe off the cart handle!

  23. Kristin G

    I would love Wet Ones so I can have them in my purse or keep in my car. I’m always around kids and most of them end up having sticky or dirty fingers. They are also great to clean my car or different surfaces with.

  24. kelly tupick

    They are great to have on hand while camping, easy to use and clean up with.

  25. Harmony B

    I have 4 boys there is always a need for wet ones

  26. Jen Rodrigues

    I like having wet ones in my car when I go places I use it to clean germs like at grocery stores I clean the shopping carts or if I spill something in my car I have wet ones.

  27. linda

    to clean up messes 🙂

  28. kelly tupick

    I wish i had them when we went out for an icecream the other night. Napkins just don’t do the trick.

  29. kelly tupick

    I wish to have them on hand as they are easy and quick to use while on trips away from home or even long car trips.

  30. marie

    because of all of the fun messes left in the car

  31. Leigh Anne Borders

    I always need wet ones. They are perfect for carrying around and helping to deal with issues that come up quickly like sticky fingers:)

  32. julie

    I always need them for car trips

  33. kelly tupick

    I wish i had wet ones in the car when the hands get all sticky.

  34. Jennifer Rote

    I need Wet Ones to keep in the car.

  35. kelly tupick

    I wish i had wet ones while on vacation. These work great for little messy hands and quick pick ups.

  36. Jennifer Rote

    I could use some Wet Ones after ice cream.

  37. kelly tupick

    Wet ones are great for cleaning up little messes and for sticky hands. I love having them on hand in the car and on trips.

  38. Jennifer Rote

    I wish i had Wet Ones because my grandson likes to snack in the car.

  39. kelly tupick

    I wish i had wet ones while in the grocery store, they work great for wiping down germs.

  40. Jennifer Rote

    Wet Ones would come in handy at a picnic.

  41. prasert

    because my little ones are always making messes in the car

  42. kelly tupick

    I wish i had we ones because they work great while traveling to clean up little sticky fingers and faces.

  43. courtney b

    last night I wished I had wet wipes because I ran out of wipes and the baby pooped!!!

  44. donna

    definitely for the inhouse messes

  45. Jennifer Rote

    Wet Ones would be great at a BBQ!

  46. Tabathia B

    I wish I had one after we are finished playing at the park and my daughter wants a snack

  47. Starla

    This would be so , so awesome I live about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta in Conyers.. yay! We love wet ones because we try to disinfect things in public places like stores, buggies, doors and tables. At Six Flags this would be much needed, lol!

  48. donna

    to clean those messes in the car

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