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Reading Eggs Helps Little Readers

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

Reading is something that is extremely important in my family. I began reading at the age of 3 and haven't stopped since. I read books and I read on tablets. I read magazines, newspapers and lots of blogs. I really love to read.

My husband is the same way. He is an avid reader as well. While we both prefer different genres and never really read each others books, we do both appreciate that the other truly loves to read.

My youngest has been struggling a little lately. I believe that it has to do with reading. A few weeks ago, she started using Reading Eggs. I say started but I actually mean started again because she did Reading Eggs in Kindergarten and loved it so it was great to see her so enthusiastic to start back up again.

Literacy is something that is crucial in life so I do my best to instill a love of reading in all three of my children. We are generous with what books we buy which means that they can have pretty much any chapter book they want as long as it is age appropriate.


All readers of The Divine Miss Mommy are eligible for a FREE five-week trial of Reading Eggs. No credit card required. Just click here and sign up today!

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids. They have great online reading games, activities and over 1000 eBooks online. Reading Eggs was developed by a highly experienced team of educational teachers, writers and developers, the program focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words using skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success.

Reading Eggs now has 120 big lessons. These 120 lessons are perfect for 3 to 7 year olds who are learning to read. Reading Eggs is perfect for 7–8 year olds who already know the basics of reading but who still have much to learn about reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.

Reading Eggs Laurel


Reading has to be fun and engaging to keep kids coming back. As young as they are, if they aren't entertained, they won't keep doing it.

That is how my daughter feels about Reading Eggs. She does both the reading and the math programs. They go at her pace and I literally have to pull her away from the computer. I didn't know about Reading Eggs before but now I cannot imagine not having as an integral part of our household.



Reading Eggs is hosting the Read to Cure Challenge to raise funds for the National Children’s Cancer Society. You can access Reading Eggs and take part in the Campaign for FREE.

The Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge helps The National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) realize their mission to improve the quality of life for children with cancer. The goal is to raise $25,000, and Reading Eggs will match every donation made up to this amount. All money raised will help provide financial, emotional and educational support for children and families battling childhood cancer. Learn more about the NCCS at

Children sign up for a FREE 5 week trial of Reading Eggs, the popular online reading program for 3–13 year olds. From February 3 to March 7 they are encouraged to complete as many books and Reading Eggs lessons as they can. Friends and family can sponsor their reading efforts, with all money raised going to the NCCS. What’s more, there are (6) great prizes up for grabs: (3) for the most money raised in the Read to Cure and (3) for the most books and lessons completed in the Read to Cure.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Reading Eggs.

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  1. Totally agree about it needing to engage them to hold their attention, especially in today’s day and age. Our attention spans are itsy! I like the age range this one covers too.

  2. This would be great for my youngest. She’s heading to Kindergarten this fall, I’d love to give her a head start on reading.

  3. I keep hearing about “Reading Eggs” but this is the first time I realized they also have a math part. That’s awesome that kids can “play” to do their reading and math.

  4. I hadn’t heard of this before but it sounds like a terrific program. I am a great believer in reading and education, so anything that encourages those is worth a look.

  5. My kids love technology so this would be a great way to get them learning while enjoying playing on their tech devices. What a great program

  6. That would have been so nice to have when my son was little. He had learning games, but nothing like whats out now.

  7. I’ve heard so much about Reading Eggs and as a homeschooling Mom I need to check it out! Glad they have a free trial!

  8. Reading Eggs is such a great program! I love how it has different skill levels, so it’s great for kids all the way to middle school.

  9. It is truly important for reading to be fun. My son is really into books, and is on a 5th grade level and only in the second grade. My daughter isn’t as interested, so this may be a great tool for her.

  10. I had never head about Reading Eggs before. I will definitely check it out for my grandchildren. I love to read and I hope they will take after me and learn to love it.

  11. What a great way to make learning fun. That is so important when you want to keep their attention.

  12. Reading can be such a struggle for some kids and it it isn’t fun they get frustrated and don’t want to try any more. What a great way to bring the fun back into learning!

  13. I have seen this app everywhere, maybe it is time for me to go check it out.

  14. my littlest one LOVES her reading eggs “homework” she calls it. she’s all about rewards and prizes lately and she’s learning lots!

  15. We are making good use of the printables. A nice bonus.

  16. Daisy

    We used to use Reading Eggs with my son. He absolutely loved it and it was really helpful in getting him excited to learn new things.

  17. Looks like a great way to get kids learning to read! This would be great for both my girls! Thanks for sharing!

  18. This looks so cute and fun. What an ideal way for kids to learn!

  19. Katy Rawson

    I’ve heard a lot about Reading Eggs recently. We need to sign-up for my daughter who’s struggling to read. This might just be the boost she needs.

  20. It’s great to see companies giving back. I love that they support awareness of childhood Cancer.

  21. This sounds like a fun program! It can be such a challenge in today’s world but with fun educational apps, kids stay engaged!

  22. Emily

    This looks like something my son would like! 5 week trial is cool too!

  23. I’ve heard so many great things about Reading Eggs. I’ll share this with my s-i-l for her sons!

  24. I have heard great things about this program. I love that it makes reading fun.

  25. Aimee

    This looks like a great program, my three year old would love it! I think it is important to expose your child to computers so that they know how to use them, obviously limiting their screen times is important too.

  26. we love this program, we use it in our daily homeschooling!

  27. I have never heard of Reading Eggs. This sounds like a great educational tool for children learning how to read. It is great that it makes learning to read fun and interesting. Children learn when they like the material.

  28. So important to make reading fun and engaging. I am dealing with a bored little boy in school and trying to motivate him at home. I haven’t heard of this program before but will have to give it a try.

  29. Amanda

    I think my daughter would like this program. I haven’t heard about it before so I will check it out.

  30. Sandra (at) Coasahmom (dot) com

    I have never heard of this but it definitely is worth checking into as our Kindergartner is currently learning to read (and is doing pretty well).

  31. My son is learning how to read. He would love this program.

  32. This looks like a great way to help kids learn and want to read more!

  33. Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity

    My youngest just turned 5 and this would be perfect for her.

  34. I love Reading Eggs. I use it with my daughter!

  35. Thanks for the great giveaway but more importantly the great program! I think reading is the #1 thing for kids (and adults!)

  36. What an awesome prize! I agree literacy is so important. I think kids are going to be reading earlier and more thanks to computers. Some parents may disagree, but I think it forces the kids to learn to read.

  37. I have heard great things about this app. It looks like it is a lot of fun.

  38. Jen

    My daughter has really been enjoying this program, and I have been telling all of my mom friends. Then this week, the school sent something home recommending this site. A+

  39. We are making good use of the printables. A nice bonus.

  40. I’ve got to get this for the boys! They’re just getting to the age that I can start teaching them to love books, and this is a great way to get them into reading.

  41. I’ve heard of Reading Eggs before, but didn’t know much about them. What a great concept! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Pam

    The read to cure is so neat. I love that it’s getting kids interested in reading and it helps a good cause at the same time.

  43. Learning to read is so much more dynamic today than it was when I learned. This looks like such a great tool for little ones.

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