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See America’s Favorite Celebrity Smiles


See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmile

See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmile

Did you know that nearly half of Americans would rather have their own smile than that of any Actor or Actress nominated in 2016 (47% of men and 52% of women)? I know that I am incredibly happy with my smile all because of Invisalign and I absolutely wouldn't change a thing!

Hollywood's biggest night is coming up this weekend and you better believe that the red carpet will be teeming with beautiful smiles along with fabulous clothes. While no one knows who the winners are yet, a few of our favorite celebrities have already been given an amazing honor, “being named as having the “Best Smile” according to a new online survey conducted in January by Harris Poll on behalf of the makers of the Invisalign clear aligner system.”

See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmileBest celebrity smiles


Leonardo DiCaprio won “Best Actor Smile” with 56% of the vote.

Runners Up:

  • Matt Damon (31%)
  • Michael Fassbender (14%)
  • Eddie Redmayne (13%)
  • Bryan Cranston (12%)

See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmileBEST ACTRESS SMILE

A “Joy”-ful Jennifer Lawrence won “Best Leading Lady Smile” with 44%.

Runners Up:

  • Brie Larson (38%)
  • Cate Blanchett (32%)
  • Saoirse Ronana (19%)
  • Charlotte Rampling (10%)

See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmileBEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS SMILE

Best Supporting Actress Smile goes to Rachel McAdams with 48%.

Runners Up:

  • Alicia Vikander (32%)
  • Rooney Mara (19%)
  • Kate Winslet (15%)
  • Jennifer Leigh (9%)

See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmileBEST SUPPORTING ACTOR SMILE

2016 Best Supporting Actor Smile is Sylvester Stallone with 22%

Runners Up:

  • Christian Bale (21%)
  • Mark Ruffalo (18%)
  • Tom Hardy (14%)
  • Mark Rylance (11%)

See America's Favorite Celebrity Smiles + Invisalign Treatment Giveaway #RedCarpetSmileBEST AWARD-WINNING ACTRESS AND ACTOR SMILE FROM THE PAST 15 YEARS

Halle Berry and Denzel Washington took top spots in Hollywood’s Best Award-Winning Actress and Actor Smile from the Past 15 Years with Halle receiving 50% of the vote and Denzel 38% respectively

Runners up:

  • Reese Witherspoon (42%)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow (37%)
  • Julia Roberts (35%)
  • Matthew McConaughey (33%)
  • Jamie Foxx (28%)
  • Sandra Bullock (26%)
  • Kevin Spacey (21%)
  • Eddie Redmayne (16%)


The most iconic award-winning movies that showcased the most beautiful smiles are The Sound of Music and Titanic (tied at 17%)

Runners Up:

  • Chicago (11%)
  • West Side Story and American Beauty (tied at 10%)
  • Shakespeare in Love (7%)
  • Slumdog Millionaire and Annie Hall (tied at 6%)

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Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I am receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment as part of this program. All opinions are my own. Invisalign Mom Advisory Board Disclosure Statement.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of the makers of Invisalign from January 25-27, 2016 among 2,016 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

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  1. Pam

    They definitely all have great smiles. A great smile is so important because it’s the first thing you notice about people.

  2. A smile is definitely the best beauty accessory one can have. You can certainly find some stunning examples on celebrities too.

  3. I was surprised to see some of these people on the list! I would have though Chris Hemsworth would have beat out Decaprio! This is neat info 🙂

  4. I am so amazed at how well this works for teeth, my Mom got it and I am sure I have told you this many times, but man her teeth are so different -they are straight and honestly? Until she had invisialign done, I thought her teeth were perfect anyways but man what a positive difference these made in her confidence and her smile!

  5. Jeanine

    So many beautiful smiles on these celebs. I have heard some amazing things about invisalign. I’ve seen some people get some amazing results!

  6. A great smile is so important to most. If it’s off, you can really feel self conscious! I always like Jessica Simpson’s smile.

  7. I am not that surprised to learn this.
    I think a person’s smile is a mark of his or her individuality.
    The blog does have some interesting stats.

  8. I think Leo has an amazing smile and doesn’t get near enough credit which he deserves for his talents. I’d love to win an Invisalign treatment!

  9. I had braces as a kid and had them on forever! I would much rather go the Invisalign route with my kids. I want them to have a red carpet smile!

  10. Rosey

    Rachel McAdams does have a great smile. I think she makes movie scenes great because of her awesome smile. 🙂

  11. Kim

    Reese really has a pretty smile and I’ve been wanting to get my teeth straight from them moving after all these years of having braces- ugh

  12. I’ve had so many friends need braces as an adult but are also embarrassed! Those that have used Invisalign have been very happy with the results.

  13. Invisalign is brilliant for this cute campaign around Oscar season! I concur Leo has the best smile and congrats to him for finally getting an Oscar he deserved it!!!

  14. Oh, I love Rachel McAdams. She has the best smile!

  15. They all have such a great smiles. Hard to chose a favorite but I gotta admit the Leo’s smile is tops

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