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Scotch Restickable Products Review

My kids are obsessed with hanging things up. Not their clothing, mind you or anything that Mom asks them to hang up. Rather things such as:

Artwork (their own).


School papers.

Stickers (you should see my refrigerator).

And more.

You name it and my kids will probably try to hang it up.

That is why we were excited to try Scotch Restickable Strips, Tabs and Colored Shapes.

You probably use various Scotch products already in your own home but have you heard about these?


Scotch Restickable Strips, Tabs and Colored Shapes offer the convenience of pushpins and putty without leaving behind holes, marks or messy adhesive, and, unlike magnets, Scotch Restickable mounting products work on stainless steel refrigerators and most flat surfaces. 3M's unique adhesive makes it easy to hang lightweight items, such as photos, kids' artwork, schedules and party decorations, and to secure tablecloths, knickknacks, gaming sensors and other items. They give you the flexibility to remove and restick items more than 10 times, helping save money and time. You simply wash the products with soap and water to restore their stickiness.

One of the things that drives me crazy about things hanging up in our house is that my kids use tape, stickers and even glue to put stuff on the walls. Often times this causes damage that we then need to repair or the wall just looks awful.

With these Scotch Restickable Shapes, I just hand them to my kids and they can go. They can put up whatever they want, wherever they want (within reason, of course). They are very easy for the children to use and to even re-use. My kids can hang their favorite pictures even though their pictures may change from day to day.

If you look in the picture above, you can see where my kids used these. In fact, they went through every single one of the shapes that we were sent. You should see the artwork hanging all around our house.

I like these myself because there are tons of things that I need to keep for only a short time for quick reference and I hate putting everything on my refrigerator. So what I do instead now is use the Scotch Restickable Shapes and put up things like:

Party invitations

School Flyers

Registration forms

Fundraiser items

But they can pretty much be used for anything.

I especially love that they

Check them out today!

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Scotch and received ScotchRestickable products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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