Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity
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Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 1

This Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity post is sponsored by Habitat for Humanity. All words and opinions are my own.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity

“There's no place like home”. We have all heard that line before. It's a line that stands the test of time because there is a truth to it. Home is safety. Home is love. Home is where we raise our families and create memories. That's why there is no place like home, and it's why having a place to call home is so important.  Or as Habitat likes to say, Home is the Key. We hope that you enjoy this Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity #HomeIsTheKey post.

But what do you do if you don't have a home? What if the place where you rest your head and raise your family is anything but safe? These are real world problems, and they are ones that impact families every single day. But what if there was a way to help these families create a safe refuge for themselves; what if we could help these families find a place to call home? Well that is the goal of Habitat for Humanity.

Nearly 19 million U.S. households spend more than half of their paychecks on housing costs, creating a burden that often requires families to make difficult choices between their housing, healthcare, education and transportation.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 2

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization that has been working in local communities across all 50 states for over 40 years. Habitat’s vision is a world where everyone has a safe, healthy place to call home. Habitat works toward this vision by empowering people. They work with hopeful homeowners, helping to building strength, stability and self-reliance. Additionally, Habitat homeowners typically work several hundred hours to help build their own homes alongside volunteers, and they pay an affordable mortgage. Habitat isn't about giving a free hand out; It's about empowering people.

Habitat's Home is the Key Campaign

Inaugurated in 2017, Habitat’s Home is the Key campaign aims to demonstrate how a decent, affordable home creates a better life for families and individuals. 

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 3

How Corporations Like Nissan Make These Builds Possible

These builds wouldn't be at all possible if it weren't for these amazing sponsors. In fact, during the month of April, Nissan donated $5 every time #HomeIsTheKey was shared on social media. We attended the Nissan build day and were blown by the number of employees that showed up. It was heartwarming to also see the owner on site and working on her own house.

Other partner contributions:

Chico's FAS – Habitat will receive a $5 donation for every gift card of $25 or more sold during April and May at Chico’s, Soma and White House Black Market.
Chico's – Habitat will receive a $2 donation with every slub tee purchase during April and May.
At Home – Habitat will receive a $4.55 donation for every coaster set sold during the month of April, toward a total donation of $350,000.
Nest – Nest is partnering with Habitat by donating $250,000 and providing energy-saving technology to Habitat homeowners. Find energy-saving tips for your home at nest.com/powerproject.
O-Cedar – Habitat will receive a $1 donation for every ProMist® MAX spray mop sold by O-Cedar from April 1 – June 15.

It Takes a Village

To do the work that they do, Habitat for Humanity relies heavily on both the work of volunteers and donations from people like you and I. These homes go up quick, and they do it in a way that that is safe and professional….with volunteers doing most of the work along side the prospective homeowner. We recently attended a build here in Atlanta (thus the picts). To say that the operation was impressive would be an understatement. Nissan had a ton of people on site working the build, with all of the work being done under the watchful eyes of true pro builders.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 4

Get Involved

We hope that you are inspired by this Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity #HomeIsTheKeyGetting involved with Habitat is easy. If you are able bodied and over 16, they can put you to work.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 5

Everything from painting to framing needs to be done, and all of the work that you do is supervised by professional builders.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 6

If you are not able to physically help or simply don't have the time, there are other ways to make an impact. Consider a donation, as every single cent makes a difference in another person's life.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 7

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 8

Home is the Key Products with a Purpose

These 2019 Home is the Key partners are supporting Habitat for Humanity this spring by offering products that give back. You can support Habitat by shopping some of your favorite brands and purchasing some of these spring essentials.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about Habitat for Humanity, check out their site. It is full of ways that we can all make a difference live up to the idea that “Home is the Key”.

Home is the Key: Building Dreams with Habitat for Humanity 9

Get social with Habitat for Humanity and Nissan

Nissan: Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  YouTube

Habitat for Humanity: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  InstagramDonate TODAY

How can I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity?

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  1. Wow! This is such a great cause. Nice initiative from Nissan. It helps and builds lives! So cool!

  2. This is such an amazing thing for them to be doing! Well done to Nissan for helping make peoples lives easier and happier.

  3. kudos Nissan.

    home is the place where we love to stay and feel Comfortable.
    Thanks Nissan for assist peoples to build their dream.

  4. Habitat for humanity is such a noble cause. I wish many more organizations come forward and contribute to nation building.

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    This is such a great campaign to help build homes. Habitat for Humanity has helped so many people to have decent homes to live in. Thanks to Nissan and to other supporters of this cause!

  6. What an amazing campaign. My heart breaks for anyone who doesn’t have the safety and comfort of a home so its amazing to see you speaking out about it. 
    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

  7. Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom

    This is so beautiful! Such a wonderful thing for any human to volunteer for.

  8. KeshiaRichmond

    I’ve heard so much about habitat for humanity!  This supports all the great things I’ve heard.

  9. Great job for Nissan and the rest of the volunteers coming together for habitat humanity. I see a beautiful and warm home is built with all the hard work from everyone.

  10. its so kind of them to be doing for others. i agree home is where your soul is!

  11. It really does take a village. Thank you for continuously helping others around you. You’re an inspiration.

  12. Lauren Ash

    I’ve had the honor of working with Habitat for Humanity in the past, what a great org! Love that corporations are showing their support as well!

  13. katrina kroeplin

    such a great organization. they help so many people. it’s so great seeing everyone they help and all they can do.

  14. Rhonda Albom

    Fabulous organization for volunteers and recipients. It’s so sad what is going on in the states. Articles like this one are so refreshing to read.

  15. Habitat for Humanity seems like an awesome organization. We need more global nonprofit housing organizations to work in local communities across all 50 states. Everyone needs a home.

  16. Joanna

    It’s so admirable that so many companies have joined in and donated so that Habitat can continue to build houses for the ones in need. I couldn’t imagine how it would be to raise your family on the streets…

  17. blair villanueva

    What a lovely home you guys had built! I think there’s a Habitat for Humanity branch here in the Philippines. I would like to volunteer!

  18. Thanks for sharing about this nice organization and the useful work they are doing. More power to them in spreading smiles.

  19. Surekha Busa

    Wow, so good of Nissan in supporting Habitat for a cause..! You had helped people build their dreams. More powers to your company..!

  20. The organization is doing great! it is very good for people to have such support. More power to them!

  21. Such a beautiful organisation which is doing a great job. Many will be blessed with this initiative. More power to your elbow.

  22. I love this article.  I did volunteer work with them a long time ago.  I love the work they do.

  23. Amy Desrosiers

    Jared has helped to build one of these homes with his work. I love how everyone pitches in to make a big difference!

  24. Such a great organization. I love what they stand for. Great team work and community!

  25. Kathy

    This is such a wonderful thing they do. I have always loved how they build homes for others. Such a great organization!

  26. keikilani

    I love everything they do for humanity! It really is making such a difference in peoples lives.

  27. I love that this program helps people get into a home. Being able to help build your house would be so cool.

  28. Sherry

    Habitat for Humanity is such a great organization. I would love to volunteer my time. Everyone should have an affordable place to live.

  29. Elizabeth O

    This organization does amazing work for folks in dire need of a home and its volunteer run. I love the generous spirit behind it.

  30. I would absolutely love doing something like this one time. 

  31. I have never heard of this organization but after reading this post, am truly impressed and touched! What a noble initiative and the organization is doing such a wonderful job to build home for the needy! Amazing.

  32. Amy

    This sounds like a great organization and I love their advocacy. Hope there will get lot of support.

  33. habitat for humanity is a really good cause to get behind. they help so many people!

  34. Ruth I

    Habitat for Humanity is amazing for helping a lot. It’s great that companies like Nissan are supporting their great cause.

  35. Habitat for Humanity does extraordinary things! I love seeing people getting involved in such causes making a difference in their communities.

  36. I know first hand the social impact of Habitat for humanity for those who need a helping hand.  Several years ago, someone from my family had volunteers come and do work on their house free of charge.  It was a life changing experience that they would not have been able to afford otherwise.  HFH operates in the same way.  

  37. Heather

    Such a great organization. They have done so much for so many people. Changing lives every single day.

  38. Great write up. I’ve heard a lot of good things  about habitat for humanity and all the wonderful things that they do  for the community.

  39. It’s so great that organizations like this make it possible for families to have affordable housing and build the local community.

  40. This is amazing! Such an amazing organization with an amazing mission, love it. I will check them out.

  41. This is such a wonderful thing and a great way to spend your time and use your skills. Creating good karma and helping others.

  42. Anna

    This is such a great campaign. Humanity is awesome, I wish people do more of this. Good karma is always awesome . 

  43. Habitat for Humanity is a great cause. I would love to be a part of it.

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