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Photo Editing

Picture are something that I take seriously. As the chief memory keeper in my household, I take my job of capturing memories very seriously.

I take pictures of everything. My kids playing. Doing activities. Sleeping. Horsing around. I especially love taking pictures of my kids when they are doing things that they love. The look of joy on their faces is just priceless to me. And something that I want to relive in photos.

I take pictures on my phone, my husband's phone, a couple of different point and shoot cameras plus my favorite camera of all time, my Canon 50D digital camera. This is an upgrade from the original Canon Rebel that we bought when it first came out.

And with good pictures, any photographer knows that you need good photo editing programs. In fact, I would say that a photo editor is essential for pretty much any pictures that you take.

There isn't  a single photo on my blog that has not been through an image editing program. I alternate between a few different programs and I really like to try new programs. I always have hundreds of pictures waiting to be edited.

In my opinion, one of the best things that you can do is preserve the memories of your family and a great way to do that is through pictures. Editing these pictures, while time consuming, can be fun and create cherished memories for a lifetime.



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