Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go Sandisk Video

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go

We take a lot of pictures in this house. You could definitely say that we are passionate about photos and now video. I often find myself having to edit photos on the Fly while on the road or on location so I need something that can work with me if I cannot download right away to my computer. Nothing is worse than filling up my SD card and missing a moment. We hope that you enjoy this Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go post.

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the GoIntroducing the SanDisk – Extreme 1TB External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Drive

The SanDisk – Extreme 1TB External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Drive is rugged, portable and retails for around $399 although as of August 8, 2018, you can get the 1 TB Sandisk Drive for $269.99 at Best Buy. This lightning fast product offers high-performance with transfers up to 550MB/s read speeds which makes it perfect for photographers and people who love their high resolution pictures. You can save and edit your videos and high resolution photos on the go.

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the GoLet's talk rugged. We have three kids and if this can hold up to that, then you know it's worth it. All three kids use our desks in our office. The youngest loves to use our computers and in fact, spilled her drink ruining my laptop a few weeks ago. The Sandisk drive was right next to it and is perfectly fine after being wiped off. This drive will last and it's smaller than a smartphone plus it's designed to work with both Mac and PC. You'll find a Type-C connector and more.

PRO TIP: Make certain drive is clean and dry before using

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the GoSanDisk Extreme Drive Features at a Glance

1TB storage capacity – Provides plenty of space to store music and other media files.
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C interface – Offers an easy-to-use connection to devices. Includes a USB Type-C to Type-C cable and a Type-C to Type-A adapter.
Up to 550MB/sec. read speeds – Enable a rapid response when updating files.
Water- and dust-resistant design – Boasts an IP55 rating and stands up to rain, splashes, spills and dust.
SecureAccess™ 128-bit AES encryption software – Helps keep your files secure.
Shock-resistant solid-state core – Offers rugged durability and reliable performance.
Solid-state drive with no moving parts – Ensures cool, quiet operation.
Portable design – Lets you take your data on the go.
Compatible with PC and Mac – Offers flexible installation options.

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the GoAs the photographer of the family I really liked this drive. The same just extreme is extremely small in light is surprisingly so. I love using the SanDisk Extreme because it was rugged and fast. The drive is waterproof as well as resistant of shock. SanDisk boasts up to 550 megabytes per second. In practice while I did not measure how quickly the drive was performing, I did find that it was plenty quick enough to keep up with my needs well editing.

Finally the last thing I really loved about the drive was it size. This is a very small device. It easily fits in your pocket or in the side pocket of your bag. We hope that you are inspired by this Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go post.

Save and Edit High Res Photos on the Go

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24 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. I took so many photos on our travels this summer, I really could have used this! I’ll definitely be looking into getting one for our travels before next spring. It sounds like a must have for people who love to snap pics (like me!)

  2. That’s wicked awesome! I love that sandisk has this, it’s great for people who are always traveling. I could use this for work, without a doubt. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Been wanting a 1TB external hard drive like that. I love the rugged design, perfect for traveling! SanDisk sure makes really awesome products. I need to check this one out asap before we head on to our next adventure abroad!

  4. This is perfect! It has enough space for personal photos/videos, as well as for your blog. I like that it’s compact for travel.

  5. I’m impressed with it being so convenient to take with you on vacation or business trips, and that it holds a ton of memory. Great review!

  6. Dogvills

    All our flash and external hard drives are SanDisk. It is a brand you can totally trust and the durability is tops! I have a SanDisk Orbit and I love it. I would love to get this 1TB kind. It would be so convenient to take with me when I travel. I will have lots of space to store my photos, videos and some movies too!

  7. I really need something like this. I am also the photographer in my family so I take a lot of pictures. I am also kind of clumsy so the shock proof feature makes it perfect for me!

  8. I’m going to get this for sure. I take so many photos and I’m running out of space on my laptop. I think I have like 11% of space left. Eek! So yes, I’ll get this!

  9. That’s great to have this extra storage. Sounds like a wonderful product and I could really use one of these! I always need more storage and should also be backing up files more often.

  10. I need one of these! Looks like a great way to be able to edit hi-res photos when you’re away from home!

  11. Ruth I

    Oh I love how small and cool this is! My files are always full of photos, this will come in handy especially when traveling. Yay!

  12. Now that would be a handy piece of equipment for my photography business. I feel like I’ve got photos coming out of my ears and I’m ALWAYS on the go.

  13. I have two big drives for storing my photos. I can’t believe they finally have a small one that has this much room! I need to check it out.

  14. I love all this handy dandy technology coming out these days. Sandisk has always been a stellar company too and it looks like they’ve created another home run!

  15. That sounds like the perfect solution for people who are looking to make their work, well work. Being able to access my data and edit photos will make me so much more productive!

  16. Catalina

    I think this is exactly what I need! I travel a lot and this SSD would be so useful!

  17. Amy

    This is really cool! I could use it since I do take a bunch of pics on the go!

  18. Too cool that you can actually edit pics on the go…seriously, as a Blogger, that’s a big help and huge deal! I’m totally getting one of these!

  19. Kathy

    I’ve heard about this product a lot lately. I would really like to look in to this. I think I could really use this.

  20. This is perfect! My son has it and love it! He is finally able to do his video projects without crashing his computer!

  21. Pam

    I love that this drive is sturdy enough to survive the drink incident that ruined your laptop. That’s some high praise!

  22. I need this drive! I have not been backing up my laptop or blog enough.  This would be perfect for keeping on hand.

  23. We just bought one for the new college student in our life. It is important to have the information safe!

  24. I have this one too and I am totally loving it! As a blogger, this is definitely a must have!

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