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Education is Moving Online

Education is Moving OnlineEducation is Moving Online

Before the pandemic began, you had multiple options for where you could go to take classes. After the pandemic began, almost all education and educational tools went virtual/online only. Recently, a lot of cities have attempted to return to in-person learning and education, but have also offered people the choice to remain in quarantine for learning. All in all, the pandemic is still bolstering online educational tools in a number of ways including blockchain education. We hope that you find this Education is Moving Online post useful.

Education is Moving Online

Pre-Graduate Studies Admissions Tests

Tests and online prep courses for tests are vital to anyone who intends to go beyond an undergraduate degree in college. This is especially true for anyone who wants to be a lawyer or doctor. It's fairly common to take LSAT prep online, because if you can't pass the Law School Admissions Test, you either wait and try again or choose a different career. The same holds true for MCATs for medical college and/or the GMATs. Online test prep has become the norm, as has the admissions testing itself. Admissions tests are being virtually administered because students can't appear in person in a large group setting because of the pandemic. 

New Platforms for Testing & Security

New platforms for testing ensure that anyone taking a test for a course or an admissions exam does so with absolute privacy. Major safety and internet security protocols have been added to many of these platforms to keep hackers from stealing personal information or altering test answers and scores. Now more than ever, with a majority of the adult population seeking college degrees and advanced degrees, and the pandemic not slowing down this trend in online learning anytime soon, it is vital to have these new platforms and their new security features in place. 

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Educational Therapy Gets a Very Secure Platform, Too

Therapists who provide guidance, therapy, and instructional tools to people with disabilities also require higher security features for their platforms. Students of all ages with disabilities should never be exposed or have their confidentiality compromised during a therapy session. Newer and better platforms and platform tools were created in the last several months so that educational therapists and students/patients could have virtual sessions without fear of being compromised on the internet. 

Fun Activities to Do at Home During a Pandemic

Continuing Education Moves Almost Entirely Online

Some version or another of a quarantine lockdown is still in place in most cities and states. As such, many non-traditional learning programs have been forced to move online. Some adults are investing in virtual education courses for the sheer fun of it, especially where the courses have little to do with any particularly marketable skill (e.g., learning to play piano, learning to paint as art, learning to sharpen sharp instruments, etc.). Others are taking courses in skills such as gardening and building things, as a result of wanting to be more prepared for whatever the future may hold.

The result is a massive movement toward enhancing one's knowledge and brainpower. People are learning so much more because they have zero else to do while in quarantine. There have even been spikes in the sale of virtual foreign language courses, with many people taking up the challenge to learn another language they did not grow up with or know from birth. 

Education is Moving OnlineParents Are Now Teachers, Too

In the midst of this pandemic, many parents are stuck at home with children who require an ongoing education. Parents are not usually licensed teachers, which means that they do not have the required training to make this work. For most parents who are trying to make it work, they are turning to the internet to find helpful hints and tools to help them structure their children's learning days and prevent chaos and disruption to their children's education. 

A lot of online support for parents-turned-teachers is very useful. Parents rely on these communication tools, schedule and structure tools, and planned breaks and homework sheets to educate their children and get through every school day. As they teach, they are learning how to teach, and their children are learning how to accept instruction from someone that wasn't their primary teacher before the pandemic. It is a very different online world right now for everyone.

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