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Riding the Bus

My son will start his fourth year of public school next month. He will be in the third grade.

My daughter will start her third year of school. She will be in first grade.

And my baby? Well she will be starting school for the first time. She has never gone anywhere. She will be starting Pre-K which is funded by the state we live in.

I will driving carpool. Every single day. Because my husband doesn't want our children riding the bus. The bus stop is located at the corner of a very busy street and my husband doesn't feel safe letting our children stand on that corner.

I am not certain what kind of route planning software the school buses use but they would have my children standing on a highly trafficked, very busy street every day and that is something that my husband just cannot live with.

He also worries about not having track of our children for hours on end every day. Something like student tracking software might help to put him at ease a little but I am still not certain.

I think that even if we used bus tracking software, my husband's mind still would not be at ease.

So I will drive. He will drive. And once again, we will reign supreme as the carpool king and queen. Now where the heck is my crown?

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