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His Entire Life is a Messiest Moment

So I have recently partnered with Clorox to share with you guys some of my life's messiest moments as part of their Bleach It Away campaign. I am also pretty sure it is because they have secretly followed me around during the past year and have truly seen (been in awe of) how many/how much of their products I obsessively regularly buy.

I am one of those weird people who cannot stand to run out of things. I stock up. I buy multiples. I buy in bulk. I really never run out of things. I go to the store for toilet paper when I have two packages (6 rolls in each package) left. It's is sort of a sickness but in a good way. Right! Right?

Imagine my surprise and shock a few months ago to learn that we had run out of bleach. I mean how did this happen? I use a lot of it. To wash laundry. To clean. I went to the store that day to stock up and I might have purchased two or three bottles.


The reason that I can NEVER be out of bleach is nine years old. He is the second love of my life. The person that made me a parent, changed who I am as a person and really has been the most amazing gift ever. He is also a walking mess.

The kid oozes mud from his pores. And maybe a little dust as well.

He has no idea napkins exist. He sometimes doesn't even lift the lid of the toilet seat because he thinks he has such great aim. He doesn't.

He crawls around on the ground on a daily basis whether that ground is wet or dry. He lifts the lid of the garbage can with his bare hands. He dries his wet hands on his pants. He sneezes without a tissue and carries on as normal right after.

He is all boy.

I wouldn't change a thing but that is only because of Clorox. Ok well maybe not only because of Clorox but Clorox definitely has something to do with it.

Just to show you a perfect example, I took my son's favorite white shirt. Check it out on laundry day:


Look at that shirt. How is all of that possible in about 7-9 hours? Besides being a nine year old boy, what else did he do in that shirt? I can never figure it out but I can clean it out and get rid of all of that dirt.

Now that picture above at the top of the article? That is the after picture. After laundry and Clorox. It is white again. For now.

I want to hear about your messiest moment.

Clorox created the Bleach It Away program to help make sure you are prepared to tackle the next messy moment you face. If you share your messiest moment at www.bleachitaway.com then you have a chance to win $15,000 and more! Daily prizes of a $50 gift card will also be awarded. In addition, every entrant will receive a coupon for $.50 off any bottle of Clorox® Regular-Bleach via email for the first moment they submit.


While you are at it, get to know Clorox a little more like I do. They have some great products that will make your life easier. And while yes, I am working on a paid campaign with them…the fact is that I have been a brand enthusiast for a long time. We just recently made it official.

Get to know them:

On Twitter @Clorox

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On the Clorox Website

I am being compensated by The Clorox Company to talk about life’s messy moments as part of the Bleach It Away Program.

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21 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Leigh

    I have plenty of shirts like this in my laundry room right now. Some of them might even by my shirts.

  2. TTB

    I love Clorox. I can remember both my mother and my grandmother using it when I was a child. I still use it today for everything.

  3. Jen B

    This pretty much describes my nephew to a t. LOL

  4. Kate Brooks

    I love Clorox because I can never get whites really white and staying white without it. I use it constantly in my laundry and I never really feel my laundry is clean without it.

  5. Elaine L {But Why Mommy}

    The Before picture doesn’t even look like a white shirt. Did you pre-treat? I try not to buy my kid’s white shirts.

  6. Henry H

    My kids (both boys and girls) seem to live to play in the dirt. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve getting dirty.

  7. AnnaB

    The shirt looks pretty good and I cannot see a single stain.

  8. NancyB

    This sounds exactly like my son.

  9. JMFC

    Our kids lives for dirt, doesn’t he??

  10. isn’t that the way all boys clothes look? mine do 🙂

  11. ellen

    “Boys” you know never really grow up……. my husband has shorts that look like that after just hours on. He could have a white Tshirt on and just hours later is a mess. Do they really ever learn to aim? Nope.

    I always have Clorox around and I hate to admit it but minus the aiming problem (ha!) my shirts get almost as bad as hubbys we are always outside doing something. Matter of fact I dont even own a pure white shirt besides a dress blouse or two.

  12. shelly peterson

    He sounds just like my 9 yr old son lol. I try not to buy him white at all becuase he is so dirty. but I love clorox and buy there products all the time!

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