Preparing for Dissertation Defense: The Main Things to Know and Consider

Preparing for Dissertation Defense: The Main Things to Know and Consider

Preparing for Dissertation Defense: The Main Things to Know and Consider


We guess you know that the most challenging academic document college and university graduates must complete is a dissertation. It provides either a doctoral degree or a professional qualification. Therefore, the demands for its successful completion are surely high. Even after you write and revise, being sure it’s flawless, the challenge is not over! You will have to defend it in the end.

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It’s not an easy task, and many graduates fail it. They have to try again later, and it may kill any motivation they used to have. Some of them try to find at least one cheap dissertation writing service that will help to prepare for the defense as it can write an excellent paper that can be easily defended. Yet, we believe that you can handle even this challenge on your own. If you aren’t sure about your preparation for dissertation defense, read this informative guest post. It provides the necessary insights that really help!


Tips to Prepare for a Dissertation Defense

Before we provide our smart tips, we need to clarify what is the thesis defense. This is a crucial and compulsory process when you defend your theory in front of professional academics who belong to the committee members. You need to shortly disclose your thesis because the members have surely read it before the defense. The members are your opponents who may doubt the rightness of your theory. They will ask questions, and you will have to answer them convincingly to prove that you are correct. This process is some sort of cross-examination session.


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How to prepare for dissertation defense properly? Make allowances for the next essentials:

  • Start as early as you can. The best recommendation we can give is to begin your defense preparations as early as you can. You should never forget that a dissertation is the longest and most challenging academic task. It takes a lot of time to write even one section. Your defense also consumes a lot of time. There are many things you will have to consider, try to solve, and adjust your plans. Therefore, starting early is very reasonable because you will give yourself enough time.
  • Attend defenses of others. It is useful to learn from the success stories of others, as well as their failures. Therefore, we recommend attending the defenses of other Ph.D. students. It’s a nice chance to see how everything runs – what questions will be asked, how the committee members will behave, how to organize it, and so on. This practical knowledge serves excellently every future defender.
  • Structure it. You should prepare your presentation with great attention and make it sound natural. You must give heed to every single detail in it, from your opening speech to the conclusion and thanking the members of the committee. Create a reasonable plan that includes all the necessary stages. Be sure you watch the timeline! Every stage must have a strict deadline that should not be violated. Your time is limited, so you need to move through your presentation without delays and smoothly.
  • Predict the possible questions. The members of the defense committee will surely ask definite questions about your project. As you choose them, you have the time to learn about their interests. It’s a nice opportunity to figure out what questions they might ask. Work out fast and brilliant answers to impress them pleasantly during your defense.
  • Don’t dash through it. Many dissertation defenders try to end it as fast as possible and thus make a lot of silly mistakes. Do not repeat them! We have already mentioned that you will have a definite timeline. Use it all, and do not try to finish it earlier. If you see that your presentation may end earlier, try to think about other things you can mention to fill in the gaps in time.
  • Practice your presentation. It is necessary to find out how well you can present your dissertation. So, practicing your presentation is a very reasonable step. You can do that on your own in front of the mirror. However, honest feedback is vital too. Therefore, ask your family and friends to listen to your speech. Ask them for recommendations and ideas if they feel your presentation wasn’t good enough. Use them to your advantage. You can also ask your academic advisor to listen to it. He/she is an experienced person with many useful tips.

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You can also count on professional online help. We have already mentioned one of the best ways to get it on the Internet. You can ask for help with any section of your thesis. Professional writers can write, edit, or proofread it, as well as find more informative sources, take care of citations, and something of the kind. They can solve the issues you cannot handle on your own.

You should never forget that you start your defense even when you just started to write the paper. Besides, you can count on other forms of assistance on those custom writing sites. You should not focus only on writing or editing services. Ask for a piece of advice. Professional writers offer online consultations where they can recommend how to define your thesis effectively and avoid possible mistakes. Consider this option before you start your defense preparations.


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How to Choose Committee Members, and What Are Their Expectations?

There are a few more things to discuss before we can summarize our post. The first thing is how to choose the members of your committee. They will be your opponents who will try to break your theories. So, your dissertation committee must be chosen with great caution. Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Do not choose popular and eminent faculty members.
  • Deal with the one you know very well and thus can always count on his or her aid.
  • Avoid the members who may have something against you.

There is one more point to consider. If you select the right members of the committee, keep them in mind. After the successful defense of your thesis, you may need to write many other academic works. Thus, these guys can become your mentors, co-authors, and research collaborators in the future.

Now, let’s figure out what would your committee members expect from you during your Ph.D. dissertation defense. It is vital to find that out because you will understand how to plan your defense to suit the demands of all members, as well as avoid possible traps.

The main aim of any committee is to guide you through the entire work. They will give heed to your writing, research, and helpfulness. They may doubt definite theses from your paper, and you should be able to respond properly. Be ready to stand your ground and find the right facts that convince you that your finding is correct.


The Bottom Line

Your dissertation defense must be taken seriously, or you risk failing it. We guess no one wants to waste several months of researching, writing, and editing this vital and challenging document. Therefore, undertake all the necessary measures to be sure you can defend it properly. Our smart tips are very effective and will surely help you to withstand this test excellently.


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