Popsicle Ice Pops Orange Cherry Grape

Popsicle Ice Pops Orange Cherry Grape


Popsicle Ice Pops Orange Cherry Grape popsicle brand flavors

Popsicle Ice Pops Orange Cherry Grape

Is there a popsicle shortage? Why is there a popsicle shortage? The Popsicle shortage 2021 was no joke for popsicle lovers worldwide. Our favorite treat was hard to find so we had to get creative. Sometimes we even made our own. However there is nothing quite like those popsicle orange cherry grape favorites (orange and cherry popsicles mostly)  and those popsicle brand flavors. What is the best selling popsicle flavor? We hope that you love this Popsicle Ice Pops Orange Cherry Grape post. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been a Popsicle lover. My kids and husband love the brand as well. That Iconic Yellow Box is always in our freezer. In fact, right now we have five yellow boxes in there because we all love trying the new flavors when we find them. I also keep lots of boxes of hand because as Popsicle is the original summertime treat, I love to share the icy, refreshing flavors with the rest of the neighborhood. When other kids come over from around the neighborhood, we offer them these summer fun treats as well.

popsicle brand flavors


Popsicle Orange Cherry Grape Frozen Novelty Treats

Popsicle pops are America's favorite ice popsicles and have been a treasured American frozen treat for over 100 years. This orange, cherry, and grape popsicles are a classic combo. With 18 refreshing fruit ice pops per pack, Popsicle Ice Pops in three delicious classic fruit Popsicle flavors – orange, cherry and grape, now made with colors from NATURAL sources. They are the perfect frozen treat for any occasion with a flavor for everyone. Each Popsicle Ice Pop contains 40 calories, 0 g saturated fat, 0mg sodium and 7 g of sugar

Popsicle Orange Cherry Grape Ingredients

Some of our faves are the Popsicle Sugar Free Orange Cherry Grape flavors plus we love the Best Low Calorie Popsicles. Try these Creamy Frozen Berry Popsicles, Frozen Lemonade Popsicles or Fruity Sangria Popsicles and Homemade Berry Popsicles Recipe for even more deliciousness.

Popsicle Ingredients List + Nutritional Facts

The Popsicle ingredients list is right here. You can find Popsicle Nutritional facts below as well.


Popsicle Orange Cherry Grape IngredientsPopsicle Orange Cherry Grape Ingredients

First Day of Summer Fun with Popsicle #OriginalPopsicle


Why do kids love Popsicle? 

Loved by kids and adults, Popsicle is by far the most accessible brand. My son absolutely love the jokes on each Popsicle stick. He collects them all and loves telling the jokes. I think that is such a fun thing for him to do. My daughter's have started doing it as well. what is the best selling popsicle flavor As the original ice-water brand, I find nothing more satisfying than a cool, refreshing Popsicle® on a hot summer day. I love them for snacks and for dessert after dinner. I could eat a Popsicle pretty much any time of day and be happy. In fact, I had two while taking pictures. 🙂


popsicle brand flavors


About the Original Brand Popsicle

Bringing the fun since 1905, the Original Brand Popsicle® is America's favorite ice pop, loved by kids and parents alike. With their icy-cool refreshing taste, bold flavors and fun shapes, Popsicle® pops come in the iconic yellow box and are available in more than 20 unique flavors including the childhood favorites Orange, Cherry and Grape! Look at this beautiful, brightly colored Popsicle. Don't you just want to go get one right now?

what is the best selling popsicle flavor

What is the best selling popsicle flavor?

So what's best selling popsicle flavor? This year, Popsicle® – the original summertime treat – offers so many varieties and delicious variations that you might have a hard time choosing just one favorite. When you look at all of the Popsicle brand flavors, orange and cherry popsicles seem to be fan favorites but the grape popsicle brands are my faves. My kids prefer the Popsicle tropical flavors. 

Popsicle Orange Cherry Grape IngredientsTry these new flavors:

Popsicle® Tropical Paradise comes in four refreshing tropical flavors, including Mango, Strawberry-Banana, Island Punch and Pineapple.

Popsicle ice pops sugar free red classics 18 ct offers all your favorite red flavors, including Cherry, Raspberry, and Strawberry as a sugar-free option. These Popsicle Sugar Free Orange Cherry Grape popsicles are truly a family fave!

First Day of Summer Fun with Popsicle #OriginalPopsicle

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  1. PAm

    I love Popsicles. I have so many great summer memories with them and my kids.

  2. haaaa. I love these jokes. I remember theses popsicles sticks from when I was a kid.

  3. My kids loved Popsicles too. We always picked some up in the summer. The jokes are a nice touch!

  4. With the insane heat we had today, the family is having Popsicles for dinner. They scream summer and fun!

  5. Catherine Sargent

    My son has always been a fan of these Popsicle. Even though he is grown he still ask for them when I go shopping.

  6. Maureen

    Looks like an excellent way to ring in the first day of Summer for sure!

  7. Yes! I love Popsicles on a hot summer day! Nothing makes me feel cooler or tastes so good!

  8. This is definitely a classic favorite! I really love the flavors and it’s nice to be able to welcome the summer with such a lovely treat!

  9. ellen beck

    I love popsicles in the summer. They are a part of life for as long as I can remember. I used to love the ice cream trucks and we would get popsicles and try beating the heat eating them. I always loved the colors- and all of us kids would srick our tongues out and show off the colors!

  10. Wow, I had no idea popsicles were around since 1905!

    My nephews love teenage mutant ninja turtles.

  11. I love Popsicles in summer. I buy them in bulk for myself and my kids. I love the jokes on the sticks too.

  12. Nicole Escat

    My son will love this popsicle! He loves Ninja Turtles a lot and I am so sure that he will like this too. This is so perfect for summer!

  13. We always buy the sugar free red classic. My daughter literally has on every single day – I have to ration her or she would ea more

  14. about a week ago my son just had his tonsils and adenoids removed… we bought two big boxes of popsicles for his recovery, he just had one 20 minutes ago : )

  15. Those popsicle sticks are so fun! It might actually get my kids to finish one before they try to move on to the next flavor.

  16. We love Popsicles and Cherry Crush is our favorite flavor. These are cute jokes.

  17. Love the idea of making your own popsicle. The first day of summer is indeed very hot so this is perfect.

  18. We are a popsicle family all the way! We love all of their fun flavors and shapes. Actually, just stocked up on a bunch for the summer. Yummy!

  19. I absolutely love the saying on the popsicle sticks! Such a fun summer treat!

  20. Robin Rue

    We love popsicles and ice cream in this house. These look like so much fun with the jokes on the sticks.

  21. Kathy

    My daughters love popsicles. We usually get these a couple times a month. I love it when they have those jokes on them. My girls always liked that.

  22. Brenda Haines

    My son is going to love the TMNT box!!

  23. My kids love Popsicles!! My youngest son gets such a laugh from all the jokes on the sticks.

  24. Oh wow! I have to get some of these! My boys loves TMNT and I’m pretty sure they’ll be very excited to get these popsicles!

  25. Ann Bacciaglia

    I will have to pick up some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popsicles. My kids love to cool off with a sweet treat.

  26. CourtneyLynne

    When I think of summer popsicles are definitely one thing that comes to mind!!!! Perfect for a hot summer day!

  27. krysta

    My kiddo is obsessed with the character pops! He buys these or the Avengers ones!

  28. Rosie

    These look so good! I like making popsicles, but it is fun to get these – they are the epitome of summer!

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