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Mother of All Bloggers Contest

Hi Everyone,

I could use your help. I would love your nomination for The Mother of All Bloggers Contest from Mom Logic and the Mom Bloggers Club. First place gets a laptop and I could definitely use one plus they are really promoting the blogs that enter. I use my work laptop and this thing is sooooo slow. I need ten nominations to even be considered. Please take a moment and nominate me if you think that I deserve it. Thank you so much!

Nominate here:


The Momlogic Community and Mom Bloggers Club are teaming up to find the best of the best mom bloggers! Nominees will be required to publish a post on their blog entitled “My Mom Logic,” no later than 11:59 pm on April 21.

The Top 10 bloggers will be chosen April 30 by our four judges, Parent and Child Magazine’s Mommy Blogger Award recipients Jana Matthews of The Meanest Mom and Sandy Lee of Momisodes, along with Mom Bloggers Club founder, Jennifer James, and momlogic community manager and author of Taiwan-On, Jackie Morgan MacDougall. Our community members will then be invited to judge the finalists, with the WINNERS being announced May 7 during the momlogic community's Mom's Nite Out event!

Grand Prize: A laptop computer and a new blog design by PLUS, the Mother's Day lead story spot on!
2nd/3rd place New blog design and prime space on on Mother’s Day!
The remaining top ten will also be featured on this Mother’s Day in our special Mother of All Bloggers feature!

1. Join this group.
2. Post the “nominate me” badge below on your blog. Let your readers know to come to your profile in the momlogic community and write their nomination on your wall. You must have ten nominations on your wall by April 19 at 11:59pm to be eligible to participate. Members can only nominate one blogger for the contest.
3. Come to our Mother of All Bloggers group here in the MLC and start a discussion below, letting us know you've received ten nominations. (Be sure to include a link to your profile so we can congratulate you for being eligible to participate!) *See sample discussion below for details.

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  1. Mel

    I am making the rounds to SlogBite member sites and using SlogBite’s “Slog-a-Blog” to make the site choices for me, and this time your site was chosen. If you haven’t tried it you really should give it whirl.

    BTW, I am in the process of making the SlogBite categories even more granular. I want to enable you, and all SB members, to create an accurate profile of your site using the SB categories to show off your best and/or your most important posts/articles. Therefore, if you have the time, please let me know what additional categories you would join if I created them. You can, and should get very specific. Take a look at SB’s category list and leave a comment as to what else you would like to see.

    You should also consider joining some additional categories. The more categories you join the more exposure you get on member sites and the better your chances of being selected on SlogBite’s Slog-a-Blog game, as described above. I want SlogBite to be an accurate refection of what your site is all about, a resume of sorts. Also, let me know if you would like a “View My SlogBite Profile” badge. This will direct your readers to your “Profile” page on SlogBite. Just email me your request at Let me know what color (red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, purple, green or tan.)

    In fact you must join SB’s newest categor “Moms”.

  2. I nominated you, good luck!

    I just love your blog by the way.

  3. Christie-A Work In Progress

    I nominated you! Good luck!! Please nominate me!!

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