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How To Choose The Right Astrologer

How To Choose The Right Astrologer

How To Choose The Right Astrologer

Astrology has a long and complex tradition and it has been used in almost every culture across the world. The western form of the practice, the one that relies on the Zodiac signs is the most well-known and the most influential.

If you plan to hire the service of an astrologer, you should take both the practice and the person seriously and put some thought into the process. Choosing the right astrologer can help you get the most out of the experience and learn about how it works.

Where to Look

The first question most people usually have is where to look for an astrologer. It’s an important one but it shouldn’t be the first thing you do. There are best astrology sites out there in which you can find and retain the services of an astrologer and they usually offer reviews as well.

That way you can use the experiences of others and compare them with what you’re looking for in an astrologist. However, before you do, you should know a bit about the practice and what you’re looking to gain from it, in the first place.

Learn About Astrology First

Before you hire an astrologer you should learn about the basics of the practice. This helps not only when it comes to not getting scammed but also when it comes to making the most out of the visit and explaining your needs and your case. It doesn’t mean you should study astrology for years before hiring one, but you should understand the basic concepts.

You should know your sign and go a bit into detail about what signs mean and how they work. That way you can provide as much useful information as you can to your astrologer once you find one.

The Types of Signs

There are three main types of signs in western astrology that you should be aware of. The first is known as the sun sign and it’s the one everyone knows. It’s the sign that gives the very basis of your chart and that is the foundation of the process.

The other two are the moon and the rising sign. They are based on where the moon has been when you were born in terms of the place on the zodiac wheel and which Zodiac sign was on the eastern horizon.

Different Aspects of Your Personality

The moon sign governs the secret and hidden parts of your personality and represents the flip side of what most people know about you. The rising signs are the opposite and they are about ambition and what you project to the world as your goals.

This is something to have in mind when using the services of an astrologer and when developing your chart. It will help you balance different parts of your personality and get a good read on all of them – since they all matter. It’s also possible to focus on some parts more than the others if that’s what you need.

Astrology is Diverse

Astrology isn’t the same in every culture and every part of the world. That’s because it was always shaped by the local culture and local beliefs. In many cultures, however, the idea of Zodiac signs has had a big impact on the practice.

Chinese astrology is based on the same principle – that the stars affect our lives – but it works completely differently. It has also influenced the practice in Vietnam and Korea. There’s nothing wrong with trying out the services of an astrologer with a diverse cultural background.

Price and Retainers

As is the case with hiring any other expert, you should also address the issue of pricing when hiring an astrologer. Try to come up with a bracket of your own before you hire one and make sure you’re aware of what’s a customary price in your region.

Many astrologers offer a retainer for their services. This can be beneficial financially in the long run. However, this is only the case if you plan to use their services for a long time. Before doing so, you should try them out and make sure you’re a good fit.

Pay Attention to The Reviews

Using the reviews to choose the astrologer you can work with, can be a way to go. Take the time to investigate the astrologer you’re interested in and figure out if others have had a good experience working with them. It’s the best way to avoid scams and shady characters, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be a good fit because of it,

The best way to actually figure out if an astrologer is a good fit for you is to use the reviews to make a shortlist and try their services firsthand.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Changing Your Mind

Sometimes you’ll change your mind about the astrologer you wanted to work with. The fit may not seem right or you may find their services worse than you’ve thought. This is a normal part of the process and you shouldn’t feel obligated to stay with them if that’s not what you want to do.

Once you’re ready to change your mind and start looking for a new astrologer, you should simply state that and be polite about it. There’s no way to tell if the process gets easier over time, but experience does help.

Do You Need The Services of An Astrologer?

There’s no clear answer to such a question that will suit everyone the same way. However, if you’re interested in the practice and you’ve taken the time to study it a bit, chances are that you’re ready to take the next step and hire someone and learn to be happy

It’s important that you know why you’re doing it in the first place and what you’re expecting to get out of the relationship. This will also make the search for an astrologer that much easier and more comprehensive. Keep in mind that astrology isn’t the same as therapy and you’ll do fine, and probably learn a lot about the practice in the process. 

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