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Book Review: The Spare Wife by Alex Witchel

The Spare Wife by Alex Witchel while not a deep book was definitely one that I found entertaining. I read it the day that it arrived and I couldn't put it down. The book was a witty jab at New York City's upper crust. The wealthy widow Ponce Morris is the main character of the book and “the spare wife.” Ponce is the perfect faux wife as throws dinner parties, shops with the women and hangs out with the men without a romantic thought. Her life becomes completely disrupted when aspiring journalist Babette Seele uncovers an illicit affair that Ponce is having with a prominent, married man.

I had read Witchel's book “Me Times Three” and absolutely loved it. While this one did not pack quite the same punch, I really enjoyed it. So did my mother and sister who both stole it from me! This was a very interesting look into the lives of the uber rich NYC residents and I always love some good chick lit!

Here are snippets from other reviews around the web:

From the New York Times- “There’s no question that Witchel is satirizing rather than celebrating the values and raw ambition of the viperous crew that composed social New York.”

From Random House- “This is a vibrant, trenchant novel about ambition, love, friendship, and the intoxicating allure of getting ahead . . . and trying to stay there.”

From Entertainment Weekly- “Alex Witchel's Manolo-sharp send-up of Manhattan high society. The fact that many characters bear more than a fleeting resemblance to real New Yorkers (is that Tom Wolfe?) makes it all the more delicious.”

From Penguin Books- “Witchel’s sophisticated, witty, sexy satire provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives and loves of upper-class New Yorkers, sharply exposing the foibles of the fabulous.”

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