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Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker Offers Five Little Switches to Spice up Your Relationship

I love me some Patti Stanger. I have never missed an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker and have, in fact, seen every episode.

Even though I am happily married, I find that I must tune in or Tivo the show every week. I love how she interacts with people and always says what she is thinking. I also love that she can never manage to get through an entire show without saying penis multiple times.

Love her or hate her, I think that there is no question that she really knows her stuff.

A week or so ago, I had the chance to chat with Patti along with some other bloggers. We had the chance to ask questions about spicing up our lives in many different ways.

I will post about some of the advice that she gave as well as some information about her upcoming DVD, Married in a Year.

For now, I wanted to give you:

Five Little Switches to Spice up Your Relationship

*  Surprise your partner

*  Get Active

*  Get Out

*  Upgrade

*  Refresh Your Space

Create Sparks in time for Valentine’s Day

*  Surprise your partner

*  Look for more opportunities to compliment your mate.

*  If you're having an important discussion with your partner, don't be worried or off-put by silent moments during the conversation.

*  Travel together

*  Pamper each other

*  Leave love notes

*  Learn together

*  If you are in an argument, try repeating what the other says and building off of it

*  Plan a night out…with the girls/boys

*  Play games

*  Go on a “blind date”

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  1. Eileen

    Good advice for good relationships…although I think in the daily grind of raising kids and racing the globe over, we forget what we need to do to work on it. My hubby is off today so will show him this one. The get out, get active ones we need and also to refresh our space. What exactly does the “UPgrade” mean. LOL!

  2. ellen

    Yep, the surprise your partner can often go by the wayside- especially in relationships over 10 years. It actually is tough to surprise them , and when you do, they think you want something LOL!
    I dont get what upgrade means either- think if I mentioned that hubby might be perturbed 😉

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