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Our Game Day Traditions with P&G and Walmart

Gameday Traditions Overview

We are football lovers in this family. On any given football day, you will find a game on in our house. My son and husband even love to go to games here in Atlanta to see the Falcons play. We also love to invite family and friends over to watch football but that requires some preparation on our part.

When we are getting ready to watch a game, there are several things that we do to prepare our home first. Our football game day traditions means that we have to get our home ready for game day and handle post-game clean up. We do that with P&G home care products that we purchase from Walmart.

We cook our favorite items and make some of the most delicious appetizers ever but nothing would be complete without our favorite P&G products to help us make this all happen.

Cleaning before the game? Check.

Spills during the game? Check.

Post cleanup? Check.

We do it all with the P&G products below.


Bounty Select-A-Size

  • Unique Trap & Lock Technology
  • Quickly absorbs messes
  • Available in prints

Gameday Traditions 3Tide PODS Spring Meadow

  • 6x more clean
  • 3-in-1: detergent, stain remover, brightener.
  • Dissolve quickly in hot and cold
  • Targets tough stains with specially formulated with HE Turbo technology
  • Works in Standard and HE machine types

Gameday Traditions 4Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls 12-pack

  • 4X stronger when wet than the leading bargain brand
  • Clog-safe and septic-safe
  • Washcloth-like texture helps clean better than the leading flat-textured bargain brand
  • Two-ply toilet paper

Gameday Traditions 1Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky

  • Eliminates tough odors rather than covering them up
  • The fine mist infuses air with a scent that is subtle, not overpowering

Everything you need to keep your #GameDayTraditions going is available at Walmart! Happy shopping!!


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21 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We try to be prepared, too! We almost always have people over for the Pats games and I stock up, too!

  2. I use Febreze a lot because I live with all boys and believe me you just need to use the stuff more often! LOL

  3. We watched games all weekend long – basketball and football. I tried to make faux Febreze once and I poured that mess out and went and bought the real deal. I can’t live without Febreze.

  4. These will definitely be good to stock up on this year. I’m really liking those Tide pods!

  5. Pam

    I love Tide Pods! They’re a great invention and they make laundry so much easier.

  6. I don’t think I could survive without Dawn dish soap and Swiffer dusters. My husband also loves Old Spice products. P&G rocks during game day and beyond!

  7. I use Tide and Febreeze, and I wouldn’t use anything else. They do exactly what I want them to do and they work great!

  8. I’d have to say Tide Pods. I love that the pacs have everything I need in them and I don’t have to mess around with other laundry liquids when I do the wash!

  9. I absolutely love the Febreze Air effects. It makes my house smell so nice and fresh!

  10. I love laundry pods. These are all completely necessary for Sunday football with guys around… or a toddler trying to eat on the couch like daddy. Lol.

  11. I’ve always gotten great results with Tide detergents! Definitely keeps stains to a minimum!

  12. I love P&G products. Pretty much every single one. The pods are super convenient but I cannot leave my Cascade packs again. My husband decided to pick up store-brand packs last month and every single time our dishes were disgusting after the wash. He would throw another pack in, repeat the wash and still DIRTY dishes. He blamed the dishwasher until I went out and got Cascade packs and right away the dishes came out clean! Will never try to save money for the cheap stuff because we’re paying for it with a high water bill now.

  13. We don’t really get into the game, but we definitely get into all of these products! Tide is our go-to detergent.

  14. We don’t really do sports watching at our house (unless hockey) but we love all these products especially Febreze! So great!

  15. Ann Bacciaglia

    Febreze has a great range of products to help keep my home smelling nice and fresh. It can be hard once the weather gets cold to keep the house fresh.

  16. Spills are inevitable, especially if our team is winning. Arms go flailing, and so do the drinks. It’s good to be prepared!

  17. I love their toilet paper! Great feeling on the behind lol

  18. All of these products are must haves in my house! We ran out of Febreze and one of my boys went looking for more.

  19. Tracey

    Game Day is fun but clean up is a pain! These items will make clean up a breeze after all the game day celebrating.

  20. I’d have to say paper towels. I tend to be the one to spill things. c

  21. We are pretty serious about game day in our house. We can get messy, so the Tide is a must have to get those stains out.

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